YOOOOHOOOO? Has Anyone Seen My Sanity Anywhere?

That’s one of the sayings printed on the fabrics..LOL I just love this quilt. Every time I See it it makes me happy. 🙂

So I wanted to get it quilted. Sometimes in between intense customer quilts I need to have so low-pressure downtime on the machine. Something fun….no pressure…if I mess up it’s mine kind of quilting. Just so I don’t get myself down. I have had a few kinks to work out on the machine as well…so I needed something to test out. SO I have a few more of my own finishes. 🙂

I am pretty caught up with my work load..which feels good to say after being behind. I may even make a deadline I didn’t think I could make with a Baltimore album. I will hopefully finish next week. That feels really good. IMG_6751

So I posted this quilt top after I made it

“Keepin it Sassy” I just smile looking at it..then I read all the info and start giggling.

I of course wanted to keep all of the designs simple and fun…that’s the theme of the quilt. Just to give you a close up look of the blocks in the panel:

IMG_6763 IMG_6764IMG_6756IMG_6752 IMG_6753 IMG_6754

And my favorite of all of them and the anthem of my life with all of these boys: IMG_6757

The center strips are newspaper strips with finny articles that apply to quilters/sewers. IMG_6762 IMG_6761

See the one that says ” Woman uses husband as a human pincushion?” LOL  I won’t ever admit to feeling that way…cause my DH reads this blog…but I can imagine how funny that would be for women who think that. 🙂

IMG_6755IMG_6759 IMG_6760All of these women have funny sayings like : Wake me when the kids are grown->Could my hot flashes be causing Global warming? -> You had me at Merlot. LOL

Well I hope this gives you all a little chuckle.

Have a great Friday! Or as these ladies would say “TGIF” -> Thank God I’m Fabulous!



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