WAS a full day!

It was one thing after another…’s always a race against time. The whether was nice…and we won’t have many of those type of weekends left. Plus our hard working boys are gone every other weekend…..the next weekend they are home is right in between 2 birthdays…so we are going to celebrate birthdays and already have plans… we really needed to get a bulk of work done this weekend. I can’t just go all will-nilly with my time and go with the flow. My time always has to be planned out because of the circumstances I live……I also don’t mind that just because of my personality. I am not one for surprises. when you have a crazy mom & grow up in a crazy environment…..surprises are never a good thing. I find security in plans.

I can be easy going if a flight is canceled…or I am assured that being trapped on an island in Haiti was part of the plan….I can’ handle that type of surprise & go with the flow on important things. But for the most part…I like plans. Weird right?

That was a rabbit trail.

Anyway I wanted to get before & after shots of my upstairs sliders verses new french doors. problem: my guys started working on the doors before I knew they were. So they had the doors out before I had a chance to get a before ( who knew for once they would actually get on a job without me begging/nagging? I am so thankful…I can’t say it enough!) I have always wanted french doors since living in this house. There were a few things I knew I had to get rid of when we moved in this house….slowly but surely ten years later …’s starting to look like our own house. If I could just get rid of the popcorn ceilings….. YUCK!

So I did happen to get this shot while they were working: photoIMG_7107

It’s not the same view….but we have the exact same sliders downstairs as we do upstairs. SO I got a pic of those:IMG_7106

They are in the same exact spot just one is above the other. We have a full deck that spans across the back of the house and a full patio under it.  Our house over looks the town: IMG_7178


Doesn’t look like much does it? Not really a selling point…LOL Unless you see it at night. The yellow grass in this last shot is the bottom of the hill I live on. That property is for sell. I thought about buying and building a studio. I have since decided not too. I am already so stressed with the condition of my current house and not being able to keep up on everything. I don’t think I can manage more. I would be doing to much. Having these boys in the house is a blessing & a curse. They will work sometimes…..but most of the time…not. They are hard on things and don’t care if their dirty socks pollute my environment. If I were to take on a whole other building and yard…I would be a maniac. I am pretty systematic when I work in the kitchen, in my studio and whatever else. I clean up behind myself and put stuff away. They just leave everything out. Drives me bonkers. The end of day one this is what my french doors looked like:photo

It already looked so pretty.

But this is how they look now: IMG_7170IMG_7172 IMG_7171

It’s difficult to get a good pic with the lighting. But I tried from a  few different angles. They are finished from the inside.  I need to paint. But I am going to wait until Spring to paint…so I can move my furniture onto the deck and what not. Plus it will give me time to commit to the colors I want to use. I am trying to decide. I actually like the colors I have right now. But they are discontinued and they need touched up really bad. I could have them matched ….but I also think it’s time for a change. I just need to decide what type of change. To pinterest I will go. 🙂


But here are the doors from the outside: IMG_7175

They are going to finish painting and putting the siding pieces up tonight. So pretty.

My deck is almost done being painted. Here are some before shots: IMG_5915 IMG_5923 IMG_5917 IMG_5916 IMG_5913

Years ago we put in new windows every where except the sliders and this one window in the back of my studio ( because it was the garage without any heating or cooling ). When sears came in to re-do all of the windows they actually frame them in with aluminum siding. We have wood siding. So if I had to switch to aluminum I didn’t want to be locked into barn red for ever.  So I chose a color called “Slate Grey” and then we had paint color matched to the window siding….that way we could paint all of the barn red. It took Rob 3-4 years to paint the trim on the front of the house…..promising he would get to the back soon. I even asked for a birthday present one year for him to finish. Not done.  So finally this year I paid the boys to finish it all along with the deck. The deck was in such poor shape.  Here is what the top looks like now: IMG_7176 IMG_7177

I am going to get some more pictures after the touch ups. But the boys have painted all of the poles, the stairs, the bottom …everything. I went with a lot of grey because it’s darker and shows less dirt.

They also started painting & priming the shed yesterday. It will match the house. The white is primer.IMG_7174IMG_7179


Here is another picture of the back of my studio..all painted. 🙂

I also took a load to the city dump yesterday all by myself. I don’t know how to back up a trailer…so I didn’t ever go to the dump by myself..after the one time I did and the dump worker had to back up the trailer for me. UGH! So it wasn’t worth the frustration. But yesterday we loaded up the pick-up & took two boys with me to unload a bunch of stuff that has been hanging around. YAY! Rob hated going to the dump so much in the trailer..he would only take one load..and we always had stuff laying around. I hate that. Just get it outta here! It’s starting to feel less like a junkyard and more like a home. That makes me feel good.  I have also unloaded a few things in the house to clean.

After the storage shed is finished we will be moving stuff out or our storage and organizing. I am getting rid of tons of stuff. I think I can’t hang on to “stuff’ anymore. I will keep enough Christmas decorations to store in my home…everything else? Out. All the Easter and Halloween stuff is leaving. I need to simplify. I would rather have decorative quilts because that is more me. Other stuff is just stuff.

After we finish these outside projects I have plenty of indoor stuff to do as well. First is the office. I have got to paint it this week. I am just behind in my work…so I gotta squeak in time somewhere. But the guys want to get their room in order …so I have to get my stuff out and in the office. I may have to pay someone to paint this tiny room. LOL

I really want to buy Rob a recliner. He has never had a “Man Chair”. If I can get my office done and they can teach the dog to stay off the furniture ( which is why she is not allowed upstairs) I will get him a man chair. …with my desk leaving their room they will have room for that.

Anyway after working all day….we ate dinner. Then I left for bible study. What was yesterday’s lesson? Forgiveness. It was so perfect. What did I learn from this lesson? Something I already knew but have a hard time articulating to others. It was articulated so well. Forgiveness doesn’t mean reconciliation. You can forgive without reconciliation. Forgiveness is a personal thing for ourselves….it’s between us & Jesus. Of course forgiveness and vulnerability go hand & hand for reconciliation…..but forgiveness doesn’t demand reconciliation. Forgiveness just keeps you from wanting to dish out justice. Forgiveness says you know who will take care of you and make things just in his own time. You don’t want to see harm upon those people. You know that they will have to deal with the consequences of their own actions. Forgiveness frees us. It makes it so we no longer have evil in our hearts. We can love & let go. I feel I have done that. I have more pity than anything else. I think it’s sad to live bitterness. I think it’s difficult to be apart from God and not know who is in control.

So I felt that my weekend ended perfectly. All of the loose ends are tied up in a pretty bow….well mostly. The kids will easily be able to finish their work projects this week ….depending on weather.  Next weekend I am hoping I may be able to plant a few ore bulbs. 🙂 It gets addicting…doesn’t it. We have also had tons more leaves fall. So it will need to be raked again…it’s a good thing I don’t mind raking. LOL

I hope you all have a great week. I MUST get in the studio.

Happy Monday!









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