Yard Work Update

I like to blog about this so I can keep track of the progress made. Sometimes as you go along you can forget what it started out as…. I am one of those star chart kids that likes to see progress and accomplishments regularly. Sometimes when you work with people who are not that way…or when you are working based off finances…or you don’t have enough labor all of the time…well then it’s easy to get discouraged and think that it’s not all going to come together.  My step-dad came over on Memorial day weekend and helped my guys put in a Sprinkler system. It is so nice! We had a bad one when we first moved in and it never worked right. We were always digging up the yard and repairing it. Who ever had put it in …..didn’t do a very good job or it was so old that it just didn’t work very well. So we are getting all of the glitches on that ironed out. No more over watering and having to change the sprinkler location. YAY! We live on a hill and we have poor water pressure….so we can only run one area at a time. Which is perfectly ok.

I also wanted to give an update on my garden. My topsy turvy planters and strawberry planters are doing really well. I already have a tomato (difficult to see in the photos because of the green pine tree)   & lots of strawberries. IMG_9003 IMG_9004 IMG_9005 IMG_9006

I also have lots of stuff sprouting in the garden still:


The tomatoes are doing really well. IMG_9002

In this area we have watermelon, Cantelope & pumpkins.IMG_9008

In this area we have green beans, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots ( but I haven’t seen any thing yet??) I also found out that peppers don’t really like to be planted by seed into the ground. SO I had to buy some starters. IMG_9009

Here is the view from the street. (don’t mind my redneck yard…LOL) This side yard area has been used for many years to store cars, dump trailer ect. Once I decided I wanted a garden here I got rid of all of that. I will have to pretty it up after I get the back yard done.IMG_9010

I also got a few poppies planted. I love poppies.IMG_9011 IMG_9012

I had a hanging basket of petunias..but they our grew the pot they were in..I had to transfer them to a bigger pot.IMG_9001

I also planted a bunch of herbs in those fabulous herb planter that Rob made me last year. Well the seeds didn’t really take in one at all. SO I just decided to plant flower seeds in there today. Hopefully those will give me a better return. But you can see some cilantro and parsley taking off a bit in the other.   IMG_8999 IMG_9000

So I decided I would plant some herbs and put them on my sun deckIMG_9013

Hopefully I will get some better success there. IMG_9014

We are working at getting the trellis ready still. We need to finish the cobblestones. We also have to secure the boards at the top. Our gas firepit is here..which will go in the center.IMG_9015 IMG_9016

I also have started planting all around it. I have lilacs and cotoneaster (I think that’s what they are) bushes to plant. I found those big ones on sale for 10$ so I bought all they had (10) and I am also going to plant them along the fence leading from the front yard to the trellis. It gets so much shade there ..it difficult to grow grass. So a row of bushes to create privacy and they will also flower..I thought would be pretty. We have the cobblestone walk way there and I have planted iris on the other side. When it starts maturing it will be a lovely walk way.      IMG_9017 IMG_9018 IMG_9019 IMG_9020 IMG_9021

Those hoses and pots all need to be adjusted but all of this is just temporary until we get everything organized and finished up. I think a few more good days of work and it could be done. But rounding up all of my guys is a difficult thing.

I am also doing an experiment with Rose starts….so hopefully in the fall I can transplant some roses into the back yard area. It’s just a bit tricky back there because it’s pretty well shaded in most area of the back.

So that’s the progress for now. :)It feels good to see it all coming together.

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