Yard Work Update (Mom’s day weekend)

Well this weekend we made more progress.

I can’t say I did a lot because I had a class at the shop on Saturday and I didn’t do much on Sunday. I am kind of at a stand still for doing my part until they get theirs done. I want to plant some climbers for the Trellis…but they need to stabilize the boards on top first. They also kind of need to finish the floor part of it so I know exactly where I can work. The front is planted as much as I can plant. It’s plum full. I don’t really even have to add annuals anymore because my perennials take over everything anyway.  So I am very anxious to get in the back yard & start working.

But Rob put in the stairs to the Trellis. The boys did some more cobblestone work on the floor beneath the trellis. Then Rob & Preston put in a walkway from the patio to the steps to the Trellis. It’s not finished yet…so I will post before & after pictures. We really only have a few more weeks of work before Rob will be working so many hours..that he can’t work at home. So we are in a race against time. I just really want it to a spot that they can kind of stop and I can pick up and work.

In a couple of weeks My stepdad is coming &  the guys are going to put in a sprinkler system. So that will cut into some of the stuff we already have going as well.  But that really needs to be done. I have been working on the front yard & maintaining it…but the back gets neglected because of the dogs and what not.  Now we only have one dog. So we can get the yard under control and start growing some grass & using our flower beds.

But I do have some pictures of some flowers….IMG_8846 IMG_8847

Some more of my Iris’. They always put on a good show this time of year. I have tons of them…because I transplant them all over the yard. They are all purple too. Because I started with a few bulbs from my Grandmas yard and have multiplied them every year. I wish I had some different colors to mix it up. But they are all purple.

I also have tons of Scalvia. It’s a like a weed that spreads & grows every where. IMG_8845 And I also have Morning glory. Which I know to some people it’s a weed. But honestly I have been trying to get it to grow & bloom for a long time & for some reason it wouldn’t……..finally this year it does. YES! IMG_8844

Notice something familiar? All of my flowers are purple? I am not sure how that happened! I can’t wait for my Cosmos to come up so I can get some color going in my yard.

We also put in our new mailbox this weekend. IMG_8843 IMG_8842

My boys were making fun of this. They called it cheesy and all sorts of other things. UGH! I bought it because if I am not home my mail person can put packages in the container under the box. so they are protected & what not. I also didn’t want to spend 500$ on a mailbox. After I plant some bushes & flowers around it…it will be fine.

We didn’t really do anything special for Mother’s day…other than some of my family worked on the yard. As some of you know..I really dislike Mother’s day. I tried to let it go this year and let it be what it is without telling my family that I am boycotting this day. I don’t want any expectations or anything. I really just wish they would all forget about it all together. Kind of like my Birthday. Seriously.

Well I hope you all have a fabulous week!


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