Yard Work Progress

So we are working along…it’s getting better & better. I love how it’s coming along. IMG_8885

Last year we could just see all of the frame work of what was going to be….now I feel like it’s all coming together.

Don’t mind the mess in the background. See Clarissa’s shoes? Sheesh! That girl is a fluttering Butterfly getting in everyone’s way. If you ask her to work..she disappears…for a few minutes then comes back..thinking you forgot to ask her something.

We just need to fill in around the the poles and then we can start filling in between the cobble stones. It’s going to be beautiful.

IMG_8883 IMG_8884Rob has been working on the steps that lead into the trellis area. And the walkway from the patio to the steps.    IMG_8882You can kind of see how it’s all coming together. After all of this is finished..I think we need a hot tub. 🙂 LOL

I can’t wait until it’s all finished so I can start planting and getting it all pretty.

Have a great day!

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