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I just wanted to share a little crafting project(s) I made. I needed a new wreath for my front door. I have to admit I am REALLY bad about decorating for holidays. Seriously. I used to be that person that sent out cards & pictures for every holiday. I liked decorating for different holidays ect. But as my family grew…so did the complaining. My family (boys) is absolutely terrible about helping or wanting to decorate. So they just robbed me of all the joy. I used to create these Norman Rockwell images in my mind of my family being nice & wanting to make “experiences” out of everything. But I have learned that is not reality. So I just deal with it.

So I switch around the quilts that I hang on my walls. I have a few things that I can change simply in the living room. In fact Clarissa took it upon herself yesterday to take out all of the little pumpkins and what not Sunday. She really loves to decorate..but she has been robbed of all those little things because we live in the “Land of Testosterone”



As much as I would try not to let them dictate things that go on around here..I do because I get tired of the teasing, complaining and whining. So all of the easy handmade things that I can easily put out by myself without much fuss..is what I have. So for fall we have tons of handmade pumpkins, pine cones, quilts and our wreath.  Of course Clarissa and I will be carving pumpkins as well. We have to do that by ourselves now because the guys don’t care. I happened to have a ton of pumpkins growing in our garden. So we will also be cooking and freezing a ton. 🙂

One of the things I switch for the seasons is the wreath on my front door. But Those are looking pretty rough. I knew I needed a few new ones ..one of them being Autumn. So I kind of looked while I was shopping the last few weeks…but any that I actually liked were 50-100$ and I thought…NO WAY! I can make something WAY cheaper….and I wasn’t exactly sure which look I wanted. THANK YOU PINTEREST! Yes…Pinterest to the rescue!

I found this.

I liked it a lot because it looks so natural. I love anything to do with trees….and it’s kind of untraditional. I knew I could make it and add some fall type foliage to hang on my door. I however, do not use wood for heat…and don’t have access to many trees around here. So a friend of mine Jenn…cut the little wood discs for me and I made her a wreath in exchange. So I put these two together on Sunday …..they both look great and I made them both for around 10$ or so. Fabulous!Right? I am also going to make another tutorial that this gal has on her site this week. So CUTE!



It’s Here. I will share it when they are finished.


So things are officially fall around here. It feels so good. I am just wondering when I will have to start taking my garden down for the winter….the corn stalks are brown and ready to pull….for some reason I just can’t make myself do it. It’s like when you are little and you spend the whole day setting up your barbie house…it’s all perfect and ready for play and then you have to put it away…..for my brother is was legos. right? You just don’t want  to put it away……sigh.




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