Well things are going well around here…I feel that I am getting a handle on work load…which is really nice. 🙂 I got some HUGE ones from my local shop….so it will take some work.:) But I am ahead of the game a bit (maybe) and that feels good. I always get a bit worried about meeting deadlines….and when everyone has the same deadline…that makes it a bit more stressful. But I am super glad to have this job….so I just try to roll with it all. (no pun intended)

When we moved into the house there were a few things I knew I had to change right away…..because they were just dated…and not my style. One of them was our front door & house numbers. Our house was painted a cream color ( which it still is ) as a base. The trim was barn red. The front door was a blue-purple. The house numbers were made from stove top turners. They were hot glued on and I immediately picked those off….hideous. The blue door as much as I disliked it stayed a few more years than I would have liked. But I had to decide which color I was going to commit to. Which always takes me a bit of time. I don’t want to have to change it after I change it. If you know what I mean? I also added a third accent color….Our house front looked kind of bulky without any charm. So I added shutters to each side of the four front windows. It really made a huge difference with the way the house looked from the outside. There were other things that I knew I would eventually change…but knew it would be down the road. Who knew that down the road would be 11 years? Apparently kids eating is more important than light fixtures & home projects?

We also had several light fixtures that were so dated that I immediately took some of the more hideous ones out.   But this one stayed. We have a split level house and above the stairs…which you also see from the living room.  It’s dated & yucky…and one light doesn’t work. IMG_7363 IMG_7365

We also have this one in the kitchen above the dining table:IMG_7366

It is going away to ..just as soon as I figure out the type of lighting I want in my kitchen-dining area. The light in the kitchen is fluorescent…I am getting rid of that. I have lots of ideas for the kitchen. But that will have to wait. IMG_7490 IMG_7492

So a few years ago (like 5-6) I had been looking at different lights and trying to decide what I wanted-liked for my entry way. Well I was browsing in Home Depot for other projects. I went through the clearance and found this chandelier. It was normally 165$ It was on clearance for 37$. I snatched it up. We have been storing it ever since. Mainly because it takes Rob awhile to get around to most jobs anyway…but this one is especially difficult because it’s in a precarious area…above the stairs and really high to reach.   A special ladder for that area would  have cost us 400$ and that didn’t seem cost effective. SO I asked Nick if he would risk his own life to hang my chandelier. He’s a 17 year old family friend that hangs here a lot. We are good friends with his family. Nick is quite handy and …and he likes to do his laundry here without charge…so  anytime I ask him to help me..he does. Which I really appreciate. Rob gave me the lecture about Nick’s safety and we should let him be doing this.  I trust Nick and his own self preservation. We all have it……so I trust that he knows his own self…LOL. SO Nick took the old fixture off. Then we realized we needed a part to hang it. So Rob started to finish the job yesterday…..and  we realized we needed another small part ( but no worries all the parts are less than 6$ total…so it was still well worth the money I spent)So they will have to climb the ladder again tonight. I am actually shocked that any of the light bulbs work after all of that time being stored….but  few work. I will buy new ones today. So I feel good that things are still getting done around here. YAY! Rob was going to put a hook in our new storage shed just to hang this…seriously? I said …Um no. We need to actually put it where it goes instead of constantly putting it off. So I am glad that I won that challenge! The fan is gone…and I have this pretty fixture.

Also progress is being made …once again because of Nick. This 66 mustang has been sitting for quite some time. I took over the garage ..which is now my pretty  studio. So the guys have to work outside. Plus Rob is not a person who feels good with a sense of accomplishment. He is not wired that way (which has stressed me a time or two in our marriage because I am…but I think we are adjusting to a few things better with each other and choosing our battles) So with those 2 strikes against  the vintage gets neglected a lot. I understand…but I also don’t….because I want it out of my driveway if we aren’t going to do anything with it. So Nick bless his heart has brought a spark to the old car. He loves working on cars…and this mustang the more they look at it has had quite a life. There are so many things they find out the deeper they dig. It was an automatic that was turned into a 5 speed. They also discovered last night that it was used for street-drag racing at some point…because of something? I don’t know what all they are talking about…..but it’s fun to them. My love of cars happens everyday when I start it and it goes. That’s all I need to know. ha! So they finally got the body welded, carpet kit and seats in. Now they are working on engine stuff. After that then Rob needs to decide of he is keeping it or selling because it needs quarter panels and paint. Plus new tires. I think they just need to fix it up and Rob needs to use it as his every day car. the boys all really love it. They have all spent time with it…and I think it’s a good bonding time car. It’s easy for them to learn & work on. But if it sits more than it runs…it needs to be sold. Just my two cents…but I am not a part of the decision. I guess we will see what they do. It’s kind of their thing..but I manage the funds that go into it. Unless one of the boys buys it ..I don’t want to keep dumping money into a pit that will go to someone else. We won’t get our money back out of it. It’s a slippery slope. But I am glad progress is being made.IMG_7493It’s freezing cold here….and this is the time they choose to work on the car. 🙂 Men. Well I hope you are all keeping busy. I am hoping to get the office/scrapping room done this weekend. We bought what we need to finish it…and I think It won’t take me long to get everything organized and it it’s place. That will be the last big project for a bit. 🙂 Kind of.


I hope you all have a great day! What day is it?

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