Wooly Critters

This was also made by Pat. I love this pattern because it uses wool. I have not really come across a pattern like this that uses wool…and wool is my new favorite medium. I am slowly but surely collecting it and the next best thing to actually working with it is quilting it.



I love the way wool quilts look when they are quilted because the thread kind of sinks into the fabric and it creates a different look than cotton. It just brings it so much life & character.Every thing is just a bit more. And you know what Dolly Parton always says “More is more”   that’s kind of how I like it.

IMG_0540 IMG_0541I wanted different textures in all of the backgrounds….each block is unique and deserves to shine all on it’s own.

IMG_0542 IMG_0543 IMG_0544Charisma Curls in the border. I used 4 different color threads in this quilt as well. It turned out so lovely…the pictures don’t do it justice at all.

Thanks so much Pat! always a pleasure working with you!





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