Wool Sampler

I am in LOVE with wool. I am working on a wool BOM right now as well. I love the way it quilts up and looks. I also love the feel of it.


Linda sent this quilt and said I could quilt it how I wanted. I asked if I could also quilt on the appliques….YES! IMG_8868 IMG_8869

The pictures don’t do the quilt justice. Honestly.IMG_8870 IMG_8871 IMG_8872

I quilted pebbles, lines, swirls, stipple and Charisma Curls for backgrounds…..I accented each applique to bring out the features.

Maybe you can see the quilting on the back? 🙂IMG_8873

I framed it all in with leaves & feathers.

I used two layers of batting to help define the quilting & applique. I used a cotton & a wool. It is going to hang on the wall….so the definition will just make it all that more beautiful!

Thanks Linda! I love your quilt! You did a wonderful job!



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