Wool Penny Tutorial On YouTube

These have gotten so many questions that I made a You-Tube Tutorial for you all to see how I start this process:

I could go on and on about how silly I seem in the video..how I stumble over my words, can’t seem to focus properly on the camera… ect. But I will learn as I go how to improve on this process.


001Hi everyone …..I am so excited to share my latest Wool Confetti Project with you . I have a few others listed Here,

HereHere and Here.  I have a few more as well.

I made this for a friend of mine named Deb…so You can see I used her initial on one of my squares to personalize it for her.

002 003

I used the same technique of quilting in a design and then adding buttons when it was finished as I did on my Quote quilt. It turned out great! ( if you ask me! haha!)

004 005 006I love each one of these that I make….just because I figure out new things with each project. I master another stitch or some up with another combination of stitches that I really like. It’s so fun.

007 008 009

You can purchase the wool pennies here.

I think they don’t have all of the variety of pennies and confetti listed on their site. So you can call the shop directly 509-754-8280 and they will ask if you want squares or pennies…brights, lights ,darks ect. And they don’t mind. 🙂 The brand that I buy is called “In The Patch Designs”

They also sell Frixion Pens and Roxanne’s glue it Baste it. Or you can find those on Amazon as well. 


010Please let me know if you have any questions…I love to see all of your projects….so please share.

Thanks a bunch for stopping by!

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