Wool Penny Flowers

I completed this wool Penny project….as some of you already know. I posted this in my YouTube tutorial as it has been used for several of the demonstration videos. I really love this one:

I didn’t get very good pics…I am thinking. I wish I could go outside and take pictures right now…but we have a TON of snow currently and it isn’t stopping. So No outside pictures for now. I think this may be the most snow I have seen in Ephrata since I have lived here.

So I decided to quilt this with just one layer of batting. It’s one layer of Fairfeild soft & toasty batting. I am not thrilled with the end result…..the batting is great. But if I had used 2 layers you would not see all of the wrinkles in the negative space where I left bubbles as a quilt design. I knew I was keeping this wool penny project and I want to have samples of what one layer of batting looks like compared to 2….so I can show people real examples of why 2 layers is the bees knees. Everything is a tool or subject to my portfolio…hehe.



I take my samples to trunk shows and guild meetings…or how customers in my studio when they visit.  

I also wanted to take close up pictures of the wool pennies for several of you who have started wool penny projects…just for inspiration to see how I have stitched-decorated some of the pennies if you get stuck for ideas.

I am going through and making tutorials for all of the types of stitches that I am using in these…so you all can accomplish this as well.

I used a Kaffe fabric to border and bind it. 🙂

I hope you like my little wall hanging.

I hope you all have a wonderfully beautiful day!


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