Wool Pennies for Beth


Beth is my binder and a really good friend of mine. I truly adore her and she is such a sweet person with a Huge HEART …..we don’t get enough time with each other …but we do make the most of the time we have..because we always heart-share. no superficial stuff….just heart stuff. That’s why I love her.


( So the bummer of having Rob edit photos is that sometimes he doesn’t know which side is up)


Anyway …Beth and I trade labor ….she binds all of my quilts and she has done some embroidery for me…so I quilt for her….which isn’t much and I try to provide her with little things along the way..backing fabrics….ect. Well she asked if I would make her one of these wool penny projects….and how could I not? I really-really love this one. I love each one more than the last because I get better with each piece that I complete. By that I mean I learn new stitches or master them a bit better.



You can see some of my other ones here, here, here and Here.


I am actually going to do a step by step tutorial for you on my blog after I get caught up because I showed this on Fb and it got lots of interest. I have a few in progress right now….so once I get time..I will make a post.


I mainly use dmc floss and perle cottons. I like DMS floss because I can control the thickness of threads and it’s cheap and easy because I have a ton of it in my stash…and I just got a bunch more from my Grandma’s sewing stuff.


I also buy my wool pennies. They are so cheap to buy and I don’t have to cut out perfect circles. You can get them here.

239 238

I quilted this with pebbles as a filler and then I wanted it to look like a picture frame.

Good news is that Beth loves it…..and I love her….so it worked out beautifully.

Thanks so much for looking.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.




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