Wool Confetti Project

I have posted several YOu-Tube videos on how to make these projects and I always have one sitting in que to be worked on. In fact they distract me form other projects because I enjoy them so much. They are just fun-free and easy to work on. A little square is a small commitment. I can’t remember what number this is…because I have made so many at this point)

After I finished the embroidery on this one it took me DAYS to figure out the borders. I just could not commit to anything.

Now that it is finished..I really like it and I am glad I waited it out.

  I learned some new stitches on this one….and shared them on youtube. I am also trying to get my act together to share more videos of combinations.

I did my standard pebbling in the background and quilted swirls in the border. It finished up nicely.

I am not sure if I am keeping this…I may sell it. I am thinking I need to start selling more of my quilts and projects because a spare room is exploding with a mountain of quilts. It’s just difficult to part with some. 🙂 But I also like to keep a few of these to use as samples for classes ect. Currently, I have to take them off of the wall for each session…..if I had a few stored I could just grab those. Anyway, it was getting late tonight and I wanted to get a post completed. Tomorrow I will start posting some customer quilts. ….show you all what we have been doing at Charisma’s Corner. 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful night!



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