Woodland Pine Trees

Joni sent this quilt …isn’t it pretty? I am familiar with this line. It’s moda…I believe Holly Taylor and  I think it’s called Woodland Christmas ( it at least has the name woodland in it…if I remember correctly 🙂 ) IMG_6892 IMG_6893

I have some in my stash as well. 🙂IMG_6895

Anyway I of course had to add texture to trees to bring them to life..I quilted curls in the background because plenty of the fabrics had that swirl in them. Flowers in the squares, L’s & E’s and framed it in with swirling ribbons. I love the look & feel of this.IMG_6894

It’s traditional all the way through from fabrics to pattern. IMG_6894And finally a picture of the back. It’s beautiful! Thanks Joni! It’s been a pleasure working with you!



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