Wonderful Wednesday

Today was a fun, busy, productive day.

Mike came and we had a great time..of course it went by so quickly…we all wanted more time. But Thankfully we will see him in May….cause he isflying in so he can go to spring quilt market with us in Portland. Super excited about actually being able to go to Market…since it always happens that I can’t go.

“The Rob” (that is my DH’s user name when he leaves comments on my blog…sheesh!)…he is not feeling well…he came home from work..ate and went to bed. He called in sick for tomorrow.

I have pictures to share tomorrow…..Donna finished 3 aprons for me to wearat MQX…So excited..they are SUPER-DUPER Cute! I also bought an expensive piece of fabric today…kind of ashamed to admit what I bought and for how much…so I will wait to share it after I make something with it..or you will all thinkI am super crazy. I just couldn’t pass my chance..cause I have really wanted it since Ifirst saw it…and I couldn’t justify buying all three….so i just bought one. (plus I can’t post it here…Dh monitors blog…you can all relate right?)( just for saying that I will have to tell him…or he will hound me…lol)

I also gave testimony at youth group tonight. I am just giving testimony every where these days…LOL! I just have a heart for kids and I hate that the teens are trying to reject any part of the group. So I wanted to help get them on the right path. I hope something positivehappens with that group. I have to say there was a sweet moment when I gave my testimony …i looked up and one of my sons had tears in his eyes. I wouldn’t ever call him out on it or embarrass him in front of his friends..but it truly made me feel good. I can’t even explain it…..but I just felt like my heart grew ten times bigger. Despite teenager yuck….somewhere in there is their core. I almost wanted to back out…my testimony is tough to swallow…and I didn’t want my kids to be embarrassed or humiliated by mesharing of myself in front of all their friends. I asked them if it was ok..they said ….it was fine..they didn’t mind. After wards…I asked them….if it was ok. They said yes…and then they asked questions because they either didn’t remember the details orI didn’t tell them. I think it’s hard for them to understand a childhood different from their own. I have protected them to much. I am ok with that.I talked about the influences in my life. How I arrived here.

Judging from FB there was a candidate debate tonight. Kind of glad I missed it. I know, I should want to be more aware…please don’t hate me. I just can’t even decide who to vote for because I don’t trust any (either) of them.I don’t know if it is my age? But I wonder if it’s the decay of society more and more…or if I am just more aware of it? This is how weknow we are getting older right? When we can no longerremember the fracture of change? I was so excited to vote when I turned 18…I held that as a high privilege. I would have to wait in long lines when I could vote the first time (before mail in) and I would do that, happily. I can tell you who I voted for in each election that I have had the privilege to vote in. I am a woman…I took that seriously cause I had some sisters before me ..fight for me to have that right. To have a voice in my country. Now I don’t even want to vote. I feel guilty about that. I can’t wallow in it. But I can’t put my faith in a mere man. A president isn’t going to change our world. Our world is corrupt. My Faith is directed above. So I won’t complain about those who feel strongly in their convictions and who they are going to vote for….I won’t judge either. I will just keep praying for our nation….ONe Nation Under GOD. Yep!

Tomorrow is a day to stay-in the studio. I have to much to get done….and I need to get my “Oh Deer quilt done” so it can be bound before the show. I will also be finishing my second sample for my pattern. My friend Virginia was making me some yo-yo’s cause if she didn’t …well I wouldn’t have a sample cause ….Charisma has a hard time working on her own things. I know. especially when I have customers quilts waiting. So I need to balance. Balance….pffft! I cna’t seem to understand the meaning of that. Anyone have any bits of wisdom on that subject?

I hope you all have a great night.











3 thoughts on “Wonderful Wednesday

  1. you are so busy these days like a little Charisma tornado….I know what you bought and I know it will be super fabulous !!!!!

  2. SO good to see you on Wednesday! 🙂 Now you have to tell me about this FABRIC you got and why you waited until AFTER I left to get it!! 😛

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