Withering Heights….

Well I have spoken of this line before..withering heights by 3 Sisters. I think charm packs were fairly new at the time….and I was addicted to buying them…I have no idea why..they were charming. I think, I actually bought like 20 packs of this line…crazy right? My shop was selling them for 5$ ..LOL and I thought I would make a king size quilt for my bed because I LOVE (D) this fabric. I actually still love this fabric. I did not make a king size quilt..I made two smaller quilts. Oddly enough one of the tops I quilted when I first started to long arm quilt…and it hangs in my entry way…it’s ugly quilting. But I still love the quilt. Many timesI have thought about ripping out the quilting…taking off the binding and starting over. But I think there is something about seeing where you came from and how you progress…right?I can’t erase my past..I can only move forward. Continually learning and progressing. So that quilt is a gentle reminder…and that’s OK.

So this time around..I had these framed9 patches. I thought I could quilt it how I would a customer quilt..probably some feathered wreaths….something flourishy and romantic.That’s so me. But I had some time to kill….{how oftendo I say that?} and I wanted to practice some things….So again one of my all time favorite fabric lines is in a practice quilt. LOL Oh well.

I thought, I would get out my book of different quilt blocks and try to make each block look like a sampler quilt with the quilting. I have seen many LAQ’s use this technique but I have never done it myself. There is quite an art to it. First of allI had to pick blocks that were lined up with a 9 patch frame. Thatlimited my options..Ianother issue was also the busy fabrics..which was OK.{ it was practice after all). So lots of lessons learned becauseyou do have to learn whichblock will look good and actually pop off the quilt..and how to highlight eacharea to bring it out. Some of mine are good..some aren’t. That’s perfectly fine. It’s my quilt and maybe it will takeover for theother quilt as a gentle reminder of my progress? I love it when Beth finishes the bindings….It’s like Christmas around here to have my quilts all done and off the “To-Do” list…right? This quilt is so old….I can’t even remember how long ago I started it. Clarissa was a baby….probably.

Some of the blocks look better from the back…So I have lots of pictures of that too.


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  1. ohhh how very pretty…i love charm packs…i think i have tons of them just sitting on the shelf in my sewing room just bc i love looking at them. love the fabrics in this quilt and the quilting is amazing. i love that you have one from when you first started quilting hanging, i laugh sometimes when i look back on quilts i first made…and didnt know anything.

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