Winter Wonderland

I can’t remember if this is the correct name for this quilt…


I know it’s a Crabapple Hill quilt. I have the same quilt …all of the embroideries are done….I just need to piece my blocks and get it together.



This is Karen’s quilt. I always love her projects…they are all different and she always does a great job!

117 118I quilted swirling winds in all of the create the winter feeling. and then a lot of block work..continuous curves, L’s loops and that sort of thing to create texture.

This makes me want to get mine put together. 🙂

119 120 121 122

And here’s the back:


Thanks Karen! You did a beautiful job!

Many blessings



5 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. Love this. Believe I have this pattern, too. But, not done. You can just feel the wind/snow blowing across the quilt. Nice work….again:):)

  2. This is so beautiful! I have the pattern but have never started mine. Love it! I am just curious, how many hours would it take you to quilt this type of quilt? Your work is so amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  3. The quilting, as always is lovely! I also have this pattern, but I don’t even pretend anymore that I will complete it!

  4. Superbly done, as usual. Beautiful quilt, outstanding quilting. So nice to see this great talent being expressed. Bless you both.

  5. OMG that quilt is so beautiful!!
    Glad I checked my spam folder or I never would have seen it. Every now and then
    your messages go there, can’t figure it out!
    Superb work by both of you 🙂

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