Winter Houses

Susan sent this for LAQing. Isn’t it adorable?IMG_8679

It was block swap quilt. So everyone makes a certain amount of blocks and then they all swap so everyone in the swap gets a different winter house. I love that because everybody has a different take on what a winter house looks like. IMG_8685

There is a tropical winter house…there is a snow globe….a cottage….and a wood cabin. SO much variety and cuteness! IMG_8684 IMG_8683 IMG_8682 IMG_8681

In between each house Susan set them with Christmas trees. Adorable!

I quilted lots of snow flakes..and some words about snow. 🙂IMG_8680

I also accented each house differently to add interest to the houses. I love these types of quilt because they are so fun to quilt and they come to life before your eyes. Teh back is pieced. SO pretty. It was windy when I took the photos…so it was getting ready to fly up…hehe. IMG_8686

Thanks so much Susan! It was a pleasure working with you!

Have a happy holiday!

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