The winners of the Auction quilt is Ron and Kristi Goodman~ Thank you for your generous donation!

The winner of the cross quilt is Ted Mack~ it was hilariousbecause when Ted found out he was the winner..he did a happy dance in front of the congregation.

Ialso want to announce that the funds I needed for my tripare raised! YAHOO! I knewthe rest of the funds would come from thequilts….I just want to say a GREAT BIG THANK-YOU to all of you! Without you I would’t have gotten the funds…and I am so gratefulyou listened when God told you to help me out!

I have about 9 weeks left.

I have all of my affairs in order…..which is always a funny thing to think about….my family knows how much I love them…that I am OK with whatever God’s will is….I think that is hard for some to swallow. But I am good!

Many Blessings!





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