Wing It Rectangled! & Scrappy Origins

I have a few more finishes. YAY!IMG_7954IMG_7941

I am really working hard to try and whittle my quilt tops down.

1. I want to the freedom to work on some other projects without thinking about the many I have sitting there unfinished.

2. I need storage space. when you have bins full of quilts …you have to complete some to add some. LOL I know great problems I have right?

I donate quilts to various charities & fundraisers quite frequently and it’s nice to have some on hand. It’s nice to practice and have freedom to try new things.

So these are trade quilts.  I send scraps to a few people…they make quilt tops for me and I quilt for them in exchange. I am not doing this with people I don’t already know & trust anymore because …well you know -> A few bad apples ruin it for everyone.

This one is from Annette.IMG_7953

I had leftover Jelly rolls strips from a MoMo line called Wing it! Annette mixed in some other scraps and put this together. I love the bright, fun colors. I quilted all over flowers, vines & leaves ….except in a few of the solid color boxes I quilted them with back & forth lines…to give it some interest.   You can see the designs in those solid color fabrics….custom quilting in the bright floral fabric gets lost. I also quilted L’s & e’s in the white border with circles within circles in the center scrappy border.IMG_7955

A few more:IMG_7951 IMG_7950 IMG_7949 IMG_7948 IMG_7947


Here’s the back.IMG_7952


This one is Scrappy Origins pieced by Harmony.IMG_7942

She took all of the scraps and put them together to make something from all of the odd pieces….I love these types of quilts. I have made a lot of these too. They are fun because it’s like figuring out a puzzle when you put them together. You work it all out and you see it come together and you couldn’t imagine it ahead of time. Those are always a fun surprise.IMG_7943 IMG_7944

This also got a dose of Charisma curls because custom quilting would get lost…..I framed it all in with a feather.IMG_7946

Here’s the back.IMG_7945


Thanks Ladies! It’s always a pleasure working with you! I love to see your creations!

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