Window Pane

I finally have my Modern Travel bee quilt finished from the 2016 guild exchange

I started the travel bee with the tree panel. I told the guild they could embellish it, cut it ( but I still wanted the tree to be visible), add to it ect.  But no rules on colors ect.

so as the year went on more blocks kept getting added and there were embellishments added to the tree and a few rounds added on to the panel. So when I got it back I wasn’t sure how I would get it all together. But I was inspired by the black & white fabric that was added to the side of the tree and made the background of the quilt look like a window.

You can look through the window pane and see all of the elements of nature that my guild friends added, I had so many ideas on how I would quilt this…..but in the end. I kept it simple and  modern.

I think I have shared my love of trees with all of you before. but I find solace in the trees. I think they are beautiful and powerful and amazing. they come up in all of my art work. I can’t wait for the day that I can live with the trees again. Currently, I live in the desert. No trees.

 I feel really good finishing up some UFO’s. they don’t call to me all of the time.

Thanks so much for following along. I appreciate that.:)



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