Wilma’s Thirties …..A Great Story

I have to say that this quilt has it’s own special story…or the way in which I was able to come about quilting it.

So I live in a small town..in Central WA. I have only lived here 9 years.
Most people here are born and raised here…everyone is related to someone or connected in some way. It is a typical small town where cliques are formed and people stay in their own little groups. I am not that way.
I come from a bigger city but love the small town feel.
I went to a quilt show in the next city over…it has about 20,000 people…LOL so it’s the “Big” City within an hour of here.
Anyway while browsing through the quilt show I noticed someone looking at me. I turned around a few times throughout the day and noticed this same woman looking at me. I didn’t recognize her. But I used to work in my local hospital for several years…and I thought ..well maybe she was a patient or something?? due to confidentiality I couldn’t go ask..so I kept to myself.
Finally she came up to me and said “Are you that girl on the internet?”
I said “What?”

That could be a loaded question. what if she had mistaken me for a bad person on the net? My mind couldn’t comprehend??

She said “the one on that quilting site?”

me : Oh yes..the quilting board?

Yes I am Charisma.

Then she asked me if I would be willing to quilt for her. She happens to live about an hour from me…but she has to drive to the big town to do her shopping.

So anyway….she gave me this quilt when my machine was broken…I got WAY behind ..and I just finished it the week before Christmas. So I am glad she recognized me…She happens to be the nicest person. I ran into her and her DH in the fall and they gave me fresh produce…and taught me how to process banana squash…
I just love my job….have I said that before?

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