William Morris Fabrics

I am a William Morris fan…..I love the fabrics….the books and the lavish florals. I have even seen some of his designs on my Favorite show …Downton Abbey! YAhoo! LOL

I collect the books..cause one day I will be making one of those quilts. IMG_5250

Oh and I am a friend with him on FB ( yes I know he’s not living….but his designs are…and I am perfectly fine with it). Leona must be a fan as well…because this is the second quilt she has sent me with this line of fabrics. Yes…indeed.IMG_5249

SO I quilted all over charisma curls….to match the loveliness of it all….*heart*IMG_5251


Thanks Leona…it’s a pleasure working with you! and thanks for your donation! I appreciate it!IMG_5248



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