Will Work for Purses

Well amy and I have been trading labor..She has been working far harder than I. I think I owe her quilting for teh rest of her life..becuase she has made WAY mroe purses for her than quilted quilts for her…but maybe that is a good plan…Keep her so busy sewing purses she won’t have time to sew quilts…Yeah! Very good plan~


anyway..I finally finished a few small ones for her…

One has all over Charisma Curls..and the other has all over feathers. She used minkee backing on the ornage one..I just love that line of fabric…I am pretty sure I own some of it! LOL

Anyway..I hope you have a Blessed holiday Amy! I will sent this out with your sign “Material Girl”


2 thoughts on “Will Work for Purses

  1. OMG! Charisma those are beautiful! THank you so much! I can’t believe you got them done with all that you have going on. I hope you all have a blessed Christmas!
    Love you!

  2. Amy and Charisma,
    i Love love love them~~~ and Amy this makes me feel so great that you did it~~~
    just to all of you out there in quilt land…Amy and i have set a challenge for the new year and we are accountable to eachother…we have to sew 15 minutes a day. No matter how tired we are..ugh some days…but we thenhave to text eachother and say that we did it…
    so if any of you would llike to join us on our challenge let me know…we cal it Charisma Time!
    Happy and many blessings during this holiday season!!!

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