Will Work for Mittens


AWE aren’t these the cutest?

So last year at this time..Tootsie and I made a deal..I would quilt for her in exchange for mittens…She made my mittens and sent them with her quilt top….and told me she would send mittens for all 6 of my children. I said just basic mittens because I have LOTS of kids..LOL.

I am just amazed and overjoyed..abundantly blessed by her generosity to us! Quilting has created so many friendships for me..it’s only possible with God…and I have gotten WAY more than mittens from our relationship….for that I am greatful.

None the less the mittens arrived today…I was so happy to have a present for my kids when they got home. Mittens and banana bread…how does it get any better than that?

Anyway..the mittens have a special code on each set..whoever guessed the code and what it represented got a gift card from Tootsie as well. I knew it would be either Carl or Preston..Rob and I were debating before they got home. Preston guess what it was but not what it represented..Then Carl got it…so they were in a race to get their I-pods on and punch in the numbers…Carl’s I-pod got there first..LOL

My favorite part is the little heart that is embroidered on all of our thumbs…how sweet is that?

So Carl has a gift card. Clarissa has already found a special place to hang up her mittens when she isn’t using them because she says..They are just so pretty. Jeri immediately read the tag that said ..Made with LOVE…she said AWEEE! That is so sweet.

Carl is wearing his because he loves the way they feel..I knew he would. She made his with lots of texture….Aspergers kids like that. That is so special.




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