Wildlife Beauties

Nelle made these 2 beautiful quilts for Christmas gifts. Nelle and I trade services….and I am so excited about the last quilt she sent back to me…I cannot wait to quilt it! IMG_0710

I recognized this pattern right away….It is such a fabulous pattern for using a panel. I quilted 2 Asian themed ones earlier in summer for someone else…but the pattern is so beautiful  & to see it used in another theme is great! I am not sure if you can pick to more opposite themes and it comes out beautiful both ways. IMG_0712

Nelle also used a border panel in a great way to frame it all in…border panels are always one of those fabrics many of us stay away from and when they come through on the frame I love how people use them. This is a scenic one and perfect! IMG_0714 IMG_0713

I did some outlining, leaves, clouds, ferns, stipple as a filler….and just tried to hightlight the themes in the fabrics. Both of her quilts are big…so it was difficult getting inside pictures. 🙂 IMG_0711


This next quilt uses panel prints from a few different lines, some forest tree fabric and some solids to bring it all together. I really love how the solids frame it all in and bring something different to the over all look of the quilt…maybe kind of modern? Very manly??


IMG_0700Again I quilted leaves, wood grain, water lines and just tried to keep all natural type of designs.

IMG_0709 IMG_0708 IMG_0706 IMG_0703 IMG_0701 IMG_0699 IMG_0697

Thanks a bunch Nelle! I know it’s a bittersweet Christmas…but I know your gifts will be treasured.

Many blessings & thoughts coming your way!



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