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Last Fall Bonnie Hunter came out with the Wild & Goosey Block in Quiltmaker magazine. It seemed to catch everyone. We all boarded the W&G Train. HONK! HONK!

Actually, I was a bit late to the game because I started in Jan or Feb.  What can I say I am always late.

At first I thought everyone was crazy because each block is 3.5 inches ( 3 inches finished) and I think each block has about 13 pieces of fabric. In just the W&G blocks I have 5200 pieces of fabric. CRAZY! They use the tiniest bits of scraps. A perfect piece for all of these are all of those leftover triangle cut offs we all have a million of in our scrap bin. Or All of those odd shapes from other paper piecing projects.. They perfect for these because they are so tiny.

Here is the PDF if you would like to make some…or a few 100.

So total in the quilt ->I think ,I have roughly- 6518 pieces of fabric. Pretty fabulous! all scraps. Even the sashings. I just cut up different cuts of background fabrics I had in bins. The finished quilt measures 94×94.



Bonnie had one setting available for the blocks..and I think she is coming out with more. But in the quiltville Studio someone posted a picture of a vintage quilt setting that I really liked. So I saved it to my phone and knew I would use it. It looks like me. 🙂

vintage Wild & goosey

However, you can see the dimensions are a bit different. That didn’t bother me. I also wanted my arrows to point outward. I am not sure why…I just liked it better that way. It seems normal for me?

I figured out the size I would want  and thought 100 blocks would be a great size. That meant 400 individual blocks.



So here is how I put mine together:


So I needed 400 Wild & Goosey blocks. After they were complete -I put 4 together to make a setting of 4. You can choose if you want your arrows to point in or out.

Then you need 122 -9 patches. I used 1.5 inch strips. They finish at 3 inches (the same as the W&G blocks)

220 sashings – 3.5 x 6.6 (unfinished)

Pretty fabulous!


Now I am trying to decide how I want to finish it.

I am thinking of using a natural cotton batting. That way it will get the vintage crinkly look when it’s finished..after all it’s a replica of a vintage pattern ( like most quilts aren’t??) …but it just seems so cozy & comfortable. So If I go that route I will want to keep the quilting simple.  Baptist fans, clam shells, stipple….something in that order. I am not sure yet. It’s just so pretty and appeals to all of my senses. I am already sure I am going to make more W&G blocks. I just love them. They also use the fabric in my scrap bin that no other block uses….so they really serve a purpose in my studio.

Love the Top!

Thanks so much for looking! My next scrappy is well on it’s way. I only have a few more “free” days until I have to get back to work..so I am taking advantage of them. I hope you all have a wonderful day!







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