Where the Buffalo Roam

095Is this a buffalo?

I have been quilting for Nadine for a few years now….but this is a quilt she sent me that her husband made. Isn’t that AWESOME?!! I love that!

He did a great job. He fused the center landscape piece and then used batiks to complete the blocks in the quilt.


I kept the designs very organic. Leaves, ferns, swirls and in the center I stitched through all of the fusible to hold it down and crate depth to the landscape. It turned out lovely. It’s king size.

091The colors are rich and beautiful.

094Here is the backing…..I love that you can see all of the stitching. :

096Thanks Nadine! Always a pleasure to work with you! I hope you love your quilt.

Many blessings!


2 thoughts on “Where the Buffalo Roam

  1. Charisma, beautiful job. Can you tell me what color and type of thread you used on the front and back. Hugs, Ellen

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