Wheels in Motion


So Mary brought this quilt to me…I have quilted a few others for her and I LOVE quilting for her. She lets me do whatever I want…cost doesn’t matter. This was a mystery challenge that she made a guild retreat. So there were several other guild members that made this same quilt..all different fabrics….but Mary loves Jo Morton fabrics and that is what these are…just beautiful!


I am not sure that I would sacrifice my favorite fabrics for a mystery project…I have a difficult time cutting into them for known projects. LOL I have commitment issues when it comes to my fabrics.

028So I knew that this was going to be in the guild show…I knew that several other people made this quilt and I was only going to quilt this one….so I wanted to make it special and shine.

029So I wanted to give it motion and create a pattern that no one else would have…I had to utilize that cream colored background space..that is where you will see all of the quilting. So I created the “wheels” in that light space to get it going.

030 031I added the pebbles and leaves in the center to keep with the organic feel of the fabrics and then quilted cross hatching and infinity designs in the colored patches & blocks.

032 031I pretty much feel in love with this quilt and it showed well with the other quilts. 🙂

033 034The back shows the thread nicely if I do say so myself.

This was a quilt I was addicted to working on. 🙂

Thanks Mary! always a pleasure working with you!



11 thoughts on “Wheels in Motion

  1. Charisma, your quilting is fantastic!!!!!!! I love the secondary designs it creates.
    And the quilt is gorgeous!!!!

  2. Goodness, that quilting is truly beyond AMAZING! How on earth do you know where to put what? I am just in AWE!

  3. Absolutely Amazing. Beautiful quilt and your quilting is exquisite. There is such movement and beauty in the stitching. You continually leave me open mouthed and gaping. Keep up the good work.

  4. Absolutely beautiful. I love the pattern…..and love the way you quilted the finished product.
    Congrats to both of you.!

  5. Holy Smokes! I always think “this one outshines the last, and she’ll never be able to top it!” BUT YOU ALWAYS DO! absolutely STUNNING!

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