What’s to come?? Funny you should ask!

Well friends..as you see I am getting my feet wet with all of this….hehe.

Soon we will have favorite links on here and a section so you can “follow” me and get automatic notifications if you so choose..YAY!

I am also inputting a gallery of my work (and my team) YAY! Pictures….who can get enough pictures. Of course you will get pictures with my daily “crumbs” but it will be nice for newcomers to be able to see pictures of all my work as well.

I also think that I need to add a page with some pink on it don’t you? I will research that. Until later..i actually need to get some quilting done or I will have nothing to post.

2 thoughts on “What’s to come?? Funny you should ask!

  1. Wow! Now I don’t have to search through all the posts on the board just to find out if you’ve posted recent pictures. This will be great. Sorry about your ticket.
    That is a beautiful quilt.

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