Western Style

Barb brought this to me ….and wowza!


It’s amazing. I have quilted a smaller version of this before…but hers is queen size and she collected so many fabrics …each boot is different. All western themed fabrics. Basically, each boot has a story because it took her quite a long time to collect all of those fabrics and complete the quilt. I love that.


So I quilted each boot differently.

I kept the backgrounds, sashings and border consistent so the quilt would look cohesive and come together.  Stipple, bubbles and lines for those..and then a mix of everything in the boots.

006 007Look at all of that texture…..fabulous, right?

008 009

So much fun!


She also brought this little Doll quilt. and she wanted a “D” quilted in. I must admit I love this little DQ. I am part of a monthly DQ swap and I am always looking for new ones. 🙂

001 002 003Cute, right?

Thanks Barb! It’s always a pleasure working with you!

Many blessings!



4 thoughts on “Western Style

  1. Having lived in Texas for a several years, and attending a few rodeos, etc, I love the cowboy boots!! So cute!

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