Weight Loss Update Month 7

Hi friends,

Even though there has been some recent updates on my activity I still wanted to keep with the monthly update…for me personally to reflect back upon when I need to.

So just for any new followers I started my Journey May 10th 2015. I started a pre-op diet ( for 1 month) of no sugar, no carbs, no dairy…it was protein drinks, lean meat and veggies. For 1 month ( it was brutal for the first few days…then I was fine)

June 10th I traveled to Mexico and had Weight Loss Surgery (WLS). I had a vertical sleeve. No foreign objects are inserted in my body, nothing was bypassed. They basically just cut out 80% of your stomach so you can consume less.

My beginning weight was 275

Surgery weight was 255

Current weight is 189.

Total loss is 86 pounds.

Since surgery I am living a high protein-low carb lifestyle. I consume calories based on my work outs for the day.

I started out wearing a size 22 jeans. I am now wearing a 14. Some are loose. So I am sure in the next few months I will be moving down a size ( if all goes well)

I wore an xl-xxl shirt. Now I wear a large. I have kept a few x-larges around because some of my clothes are hard to part with…..but even some of those extra larges look terrible on me and I am forced to put them in the give away pile. Never thought that would be the case. It’s difficult to think of my body not filling them out.

I learned early on that I could absolutely over eat (even with a small stomach). You can over eat by eating bad foods that cause no restriction (meaning some foods just slide through your stomach and you don’t feel full. Those are usually highly processed foods & bad carbs)

You can also over eat by eating several times a day or grazing.

So the stats for people who get WLS are re-gain are disturbing at 70%. Yes 70%. I was shocked by that number. The reason is because they don’t deal with the issues that caused the addiction to food in the first place…or they didn’t change habits.

If you don’t put the work in- it won’t last. WLS is a tool not a magic cure. There are some contradictory reports about whether or not the surgery is permanent. My belief is that it isn’t. I have seen people that have had the surgery and they are able to eat a ton of food at one time. So that tells me it isn’t. I have also seen plenty of episodes of “My 600 pound life” . serious stuff.

Honestly, I have said this many times….that if I was not counting calories or exercising during this journey I wouldn’t be losing much. Most people lose weight during the honeymoon phase of this journey –>even if they are eating complete crap and not changing their lifestyle. But it will come to an end eventually and then they will wonder why they are gaining weight again. I see it everyday in my support groups. Will I be one of those people? I don’t know. I can’t make any predictions. All I can say is that I am focused on today and what choices I make today. I can only plan that far in advance because that’s all I can do.

I work out several times a week. I swim 3 times a week. For at least 75 minutes. I break up my laps with different water exercises to strengthen my arms and legs.

I am also training for a 10K currently. That should take me about 4-5 weeks. I have not been hiking lately because of the weather. But I am going to add in some Cross Country Skiing…probably after Christmas when I have more time.

So the jogging is helping me feel strong and helping me with the goals & challenges I like to set for myself. Without the jogging I think I would be a wreck. Simply because it’s a tangible way for me to guage my progress. I can keep making improvements and see/feel that. The scale frustrates me most of the time….Well I have to say I have gotten better about the stalls…I just get used to them…which is a double edge sword. I stalled for 3 weeks this month…..and it messes with your head. In the beginning I was so upset at them because I felt there was no way I should be stalling……I wasn’t consuming enough –yadda-yadda.   Now I think well if I am going to stall anyway …..then I can eat an extra 100 calories. Both are bad things and I have had to get myself in check. I am not ( usually) eating bad calories …but intake is intake. Some days I struggle to get in all of my calories..other days I could easily eat more than I need. So I still log everything I eat. I still monitor my work outs. It’s the only way I can keep myself in check. I think I will probably have to do this forever. Honestly. I don’t have a healthy relationship with food and I think I could easily over eat.

The only thing that will save me and keep me in the zone that I want to be in is the exercise. Exercise has to be a part of of my everyday for the rest of my life. truly. I know this. It’s not something I can get to “later”……I have learned this. Of course the benefits are amazing and I always feel better after I accomplish the task for many reasons. But Honestly, I don’t want to go out most days. I have to make myself. I don’t want you to think it’s easy. Its actually a mind game I play with myself everyday. It’s only after I start working out that I realize the whole mind game is over and it’s just going to have to happen. Then I feel good that I won that day.

I am proceeding with urology to get my bladder issues under control.

I had a 6 month lab check to see where I am at since Surgery. I am happy to report that all of my labs were good. With the exception of my Vitamin D. I was super low …I have been on Prescription Vitamin D for a year before Surgery and apparently I have to raise my levels still. Which explains why I have been tired again lately.

Before surgery my blood pressure was high …approaching bad. Now it’s in the low-normal range.

Cholesterol was getting bad….and now its good.

Blood sugars were approaching dangerous…..and now I am good.

I was flirting with all of these dangerous levels and also looking at a diagnosis of PCOS if I didn’t lose some weight. Losing all of that weight has turned everything around and you don’t know how thankful I am. It’s just amazing what a few small changes everyday can do to make great things happen. I am believing this. I am living proof of this.

I was really hoping that by 2016 I would be down 100 pounds. I am pretty sure I am not going to make that goal…but that’s OK. This isn’t a race. It’s my life and I am doing the best I can. I will be close enough. I will be happy to be down 90 pounds.

I am also running another 5K this weekend. My son Carl is running with me. I can’t help but feel excited that maybe I have inspired him to get off the couch & video games for a small amount of time each day to run. It’s so good for him.  You just never know how you will impact your friends & family.

I am thankful for the journey. I am here to help anyone that needs a nudge. I can only tell you about my experience…but I pray it helps. 🙂

So here’s to another milestone! I hope you all have a Wonderful day!






9 thoughts on “Weight Loss Update Month 7

  1. I worked with a nurse who went through the WLS. Later she became a councilor for WLS patients. She described the issues that you have mentioned. I also knew of more than one pt who was not successful with weight loss, for those same issues. There are many of those folks who need help with their situations. You are an aspiration. Keep up the good work and advice.

  2. bless you on this journey- you are not alone. Stay strong, practice your daily controls, I admire your post, it is a difficult road when one loves food (and who doesn’t?).

  3. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. It’s good that you’re writing a journal – I can see why you’ll want to reread your own words every once in a while. Wishing you continued good luck and good health.

  4. I totally understand what you are going through, I have been losing weight also and am at a stuck spot. I keep trying and it is so hard. I haven’t had surgery but need to lose a lot. I have lost 65 lbs and as I say, I am basically stuck. It is a struggle for me as food is a habit. Bless you, so many of us understand how you are feeling.

  5. Appreciate your updates. Inspiring to me your self discipline. and perseverance.

    Motivates me to Exercise. I really enjoy it and look forward to it each day.

  6. Keep up the good work, I enjoy your updates, they give me hope and a kick in the ** just when I need it, especially to remind me that “stalls” do happen. Faithfulness is always rewarded in my opinion.

  7. Great job. I had to have radiation treatments this summer and lost almost 50 lbs. I have kept it off until now. I went from a 24 to an 18 and they are getting loose. Keep up the good work.

  8. Kudus, kudus, kudus! You are winning the race…..the wt. loss race! Having a journal to describe how you are feeling, and what you are accomplishing is a great tool.
    You will look back on this time and smile…and feel a GREAT sense of having succeeded in meeting your goal.. Hey, 90 lbs. is a fantastic amt. of weight lost. Knowing that you might stall once in a while just helps you jump over those hurdles.

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