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Hi everyone,

This last couple of days has been better….I have been resting. Like really resting. I have been making dinner ( well except for Father’s day..we went out) and I’ve been doing little job here and there when needed. I am really sad about my garden because it’s just not going to be a good garden this year…every time I look outside I feel a little depressed about it. But it is what it is…I guess something had to give this year and my garden was it.

I have lost 30 pounds. I don’t feel that I look at different or anything. My clothes fit better because honestly, I was outgrowing them. So now they actually fit. But while I was thinking about what weighs 30 pounds…what could I compare it too? Did you know that 4 gallon jugs of water weighs 30 pounds? (give or take)

When we go grocery shopping , we buy 4 gallons of milk at a time…I don’t carry all 4 in at one time….I carry in 2 at a time. So to think about how that 30 pounds is gone forever is a relief to me.

I am considered a slow loser in the Sleeve community. I know that much weight to someone who hasn’t been sleeved is a great number….I kind of knew I would be a slow loser..that’s just me. LOL. I have always been a slow loser. I am a person who can’t lose weight on diet alone. I had to be working out and dieting to see any loss. This is one reason I opted for Surgery…because that way I could lose on diet alone. I am planning on walking and incorporating exercise once I get enough energy to do that. I also think it will be easier once I get more weight off. 🙂

It’s actually amazing how tired I am. I will be watching tv and fall asleep. That’s pretty unusual for me. I am not getting anything done that I wanted to get done while I was on “vacation” LOL. Oh well. It’s life.

So For those of you that are not familiar with the Sleeve surgery…It’s a procedure where they cut out about 80% of your stomach…so your stomach is like a little sleeve in the shape of a banana. A normal stomach is about the size of a deflated football….So they don’t re-route anything or put any foreign objects into your body. That’s why I opted for this procedure. The down side is that you can absolutely stretch your stomach again. So You have to weigh out or measure your portions for ever….for the most part. Some people have it down to how many bites they can have….and measure it out that way. Of course that is after you learn what a normal bite is. We are trained very well in the beginning. We are not hungry at all. Any hunger we have is called head hunger.  We have a 6 month period where weight loss is extreme…and inevitable because of the restriction. 7-12 months is when it slows down a bit …unless you still keep up on your scales & measurements. After that it really becomes a personal journey because you start to feel hungry again and you have to keep yourself in check.

So a day on my diet currently is this:

breakfast- protein drink. 160cals 30 grams of protein. I am drinking the premier protein drinks from walmart. I gave in to drinking the premade ones because it’s just easier sometimes. Chocolate is the best in my opinion. The strawberries & cream so just way to sweet.

Lunch: 4 ounces of pureed soup.This is around 100 calories give or take. 1 scoop of my protein is 110 calories if I add that.  ( I usually add it to something once a day because it gives me another 25 grams of protein and then I can just get the rest of my protein from regular intake)

Usually a bean soup because it has lots of protein. I will add unflavored protein powder to this if I need. As a bariatric patient we have to have 60 grams of protein a day…so we absolutely have to rely on supplements.

Snack: 4 ounces of cottage cheese or applesauce.  Applesauce is 83 cals. Full fat cottage cheese is 90 cals.

So applesauce is so yummy and so easy to swallow & eat. I really like it. Cottage cheese has all of the extra protein so it’s a great option. but I have to concentrate a lot more to eat it. Chewing obsessively to make sure it goes down smoothly.

Dinner: more pureed soup. So another 100 cals. Sometimes I will add some cheese to melt on it or something just because I need to add a few more calories. I am trying to eat 800 calories a day. So if I can squeeze in an extra soup or applesauce I try too…but It’s not easy. Amazing as that sounds.

I also have to drink 64 ounces of fluids a day.

It’s pretty difficult because all of that equals 500-600 calories. But I have a difficult time eating any more than that. We have to eventually work up to 1200 cals a day and that seems almost impossible to me currently….but I know after the swelling goes down and my tummy heals better it will get easier. That’s what I hear anyway. 🙂 So we do get to eat the full fat and calorie options because of teh amounts we eat..there is no way we can get all of our calories in …so I don’t buy fat free cottage cheese ect.

We have to adopt a diet of high protein low carb…..so I have been pinning tons of low carb recipes. I think I will do fine…there are so many substitutes and recipes that will be good….and I am looking forward to experimenting with everything and finding things that I like. I am not a super picky eater…but ironically meat hasn’t been what I gravitate towards…so now that will have to change. I am pretty much living off of beans currently. 🙂   Pretty much normal pasta, rice and breads have to leave our vocabulary. They stretch out your stomach and they don’t satisfy for long. So I am learning lots of things about that…and how to replace them. 🙂 I am looking forward to the challenge.

I did try quilting some small tablerunners of my own a few days ago. I have to say it had been a couple weeks since I had been on the machine. I was tired & sore….so it didn’t work out so well. I felt like I had no control over the machine…my hand-arm movements were not smooth. I felt like I was just learning all over again…so I decided its best not to work on anyone’s quilts for a bit. It’s amazing to me….So I am going to try another simple one for myself  before I jump into work again. I still have a few days to get my act together. So I am sure it will be fine.

We had a nice relaxing Father’s day. Rob actually had the day off which was nice. I let him have the Tv all day. It’s a never ending battle around here. We don’t watch any of the same shows …and I don’t play video games. So when there is only 1 TV it’s a battle to see who gets it. So I decided since it was his day and all..I would let him have it. I also got him McDonalds for lunch…(disgusting) and then we had family dinner at a Mexican place in town. Mexican places are really nice for a patient like me. refried beans are so easy to get down….and I like them. I also had them blend some soup for me last week….and I was shocked when they brought me a 32 ounce bowl of blended soup. Dang! It took 7 meals to eat…but I was happy with it because it was so yummy! I just added a little salsa. I also bought a 32 ounce cup of salsa from that restaurant…..it cost me $5.67 after tax. That was fabulous because my family loves their salsa….so I have a feeling there will not be any more store bought salsa in the house. Between my homemade stuff and the homemade stuff from them…I have ruined my kids. But that’s Ok. It’s better for them anyway.

Well that’s about all I have for now. I hope you all have a wonderful day1 I am going to snap some pictures of my table runners to share tomorrow. I am going to step up my game a little today and see how well I do.










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