Weekend Visit Home

I still call Spokane, WA my hometown. I moved there halfway through my 8th grade year. I went to high school there and it’s home for me. All of my closest friends and family are there. I always get homesick when I am there..it used to be really bad. Then it would ease up. Ephrata is a good place to raise kids. So I can accept it better than I used too.

But we spent Friday night in Cusick, WA with my in-laws. The cabin in the woods. They have such a  beautiful home…and they improve it more and more each time we visit. It’s their masterpiece.We bought a pick-up from them….so we were going to pick it up. We also dropped off our old trailer to my family. Rob hated our old trailer…..he was just going to dump it off at the dump and get rid of it. I knew with a little elbow grease it could be a good trailer. Rob hates elbow grease…( he’s spoiled). So he just wanted a pick up to take to the dump and do our hauling. 🙂    So I gave the trailer to my step-dad. He has a small business that he could use it for and he likes to fix & repair things and make them useful. he is excited for the project. 🙂IMG_6797

So we brought the pick up back with us. We parked it Saturday in town so we could drive around just the one car. We visited with my family for a few hours…and then met up with my Besties for dinner. Then watched a movie. The guys watched escape plan. The girls watched Gravity. I liked the movie. It was tense, sad & had beautiful imagery and graphics.

Before I met up with Rob on Saturday I left early and went to the Spokane quilt show with one of my besties, Courtney.  We had a great time, great lunch…lovely quilts and booths. I bought a few things. 🙂 I ran into my LQS owners…..they had a booth there as well. 🙂

Saturday we stayed at “Hotel Carla” That what we call my Bestie’s apartment. LOL She made us breakfast on Sunday..it was YUMMY! But the poor gal burned her hand making us bacon. My family LOVES bacon. LOL I felt bad for her.

Then we headed to target to get Clarissa some ballet clothes. She has outgrown the ones she has…and there aren’t any local. So I thought I should get them while I was in town. then we went to one of Rob’s favorite lunch places…and headed to my Step-dad’s.

It was AMAZING! We were all comfortable…..we had great conversations. I felt like I had known the girls forever. no awkwardness. Saturday when we stopped to park the truck and visited (unexpectedly) ….I gave them all the gifts (Sarah wasn’t there that day) & the letters(& cards) that I had written expressing my heart and intentions. Moments of tears and love.  I don’t like any of my feelings to go unsaid. I don’t want anyone to assume or wonder how I feel. I just had to be vulnerable and put myself out there. The only time I really guard myself is when I know I am not in a good space or I am angry ( that pretty much coincides) ……other than that I just want everyone to know how much I love…..it’s really freeing. My step-dad cried.  He said his feelings have never changed..he has always loved me….and he has just been waiting for me. He has told me several times he is proud of me…and how I turned out. That was really nice to hear.

It was a good moment.

Sunday we all just visited. ate….visited…ate.

The boys arrived in the afternoon . They fit right in. We all laughed..shared stories….Randy was showing them all of his toys and sent the boys home with a motor cycle. It works but needs  some amping from Rob. He also sent the boys home with a TV. Good Grief! He is spoiling them already! But I insisted that they will have to go back and work it off. He has plenty for them to do…and they need to earn these items…I won’t have this type of gifting. The boys are happy to do the work.:)IMG_6798

So the prayers were great! Thank you to all my supporters. Who knows where it will all lead. But I am happy and it feels good to be connected. My boys thanked me on the way home for letting them meet that family. They had such a good time..they want to go back. Let me tell you they have never said that before. They dread any family get togethers…other than Christmas at my Aunt’s house….they used to like that. But they were alot younger and didn’t understand the adult stuff that was going on behind the scenes….or that half of them were drunk. Now that they are older it wouldn’t be that way I suspect. We have always protected them.  They are old enough now to know…right from wrong and to stay out of bad situations.

But to have your teenage boys say “Thank you” for letting you meet family…just made it all worth it.

Bliss. God is so amazing and he is always throwing in a twist…isn’t he?

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I need to get in the studio!

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