Weekend Retreat

It wasn’t really a “weekend” it was really a mid-week retreat…..details-details?

Mike arrived Wednesday and the first 2 days were a whirlwind of company, talking & shopping.  We didn’t get a whole lot of sewing accomplished. I would say I worked the most on those days because I already had my 10000000000 strips cut and my project was easy to work on here & there. The bulk of our sewing was done on Friday ( yesterday). Mike got all of his Navaho Rose blocks finished. So when he gets home he will just have to set them.



Brianna was working on her quilt…The embroidered blocks all have to do with fishing….so it’s wildlife type quilt.




Sabrina Was working on a simple-elegant quilt that I LOVE! Her border is going to be so beautiful….but she was getting her blocks sewn.



Here is a picture of our complete workspace



You can see where my station is..with all of the strips of panels sitting there waiting to be pressed.

We had a big BBQ with tons of friends on Thursday night….and I was introduced to Cupcake wine. I am not a drinker..in fact it’s been years since I had a drink. I am not a wine connoisseur by any means. In fact I really will only drink sweet dessert wines….without a bitter after taste. This wine was delicious! So I thought I would share in case any of you are the same as me….this wine is Charisma Approved! LOL I only had one glass……I wont say who all had a few bottles…..but they were disappearing like nobody’s business. IN fact we bought all of the bottles the store had…just sayin. There were some crooked seams being sewn. It’s OK I am the only one who noticed. *wink*



My friends are so generous & sweet they also brought me birthday gifts & a cake. 🙂

Mike brought me Amy Butler Fabric and I didn’t get a picture..so he totally gets credit for that. 🙂





I got a 100$ gift certificate for The Fabric Patch…and it has an expiration date so I HAVE to use it before my fabric Fast is up…but that can’t count right? Since it’s a gift and all? I am not counting it no matter what Mike says!  I also got the Sue Spargo Christmas book. I have been eying it because I love that quilt. I have been diggin wool for awhile. But I am starting her Bird quilt in October with a club at the shop….but I think I will collect for the Christmas quilt along the way.  I am “Sew Blessed” I truly am. I have so many good friends near & far. I will share my experience with the Bruno Mars concert later…..Donna blessed me with the ticket to see him ….and I can’t wait!




I took Mike to the airport this morning…and it’s sad to see him go. We laugh, sew and share. Experiences for sure.

I hope you all have a great Saturday!~ Mine is booked solid!


One thought on “Weekend Retreat

  1. Love you all and had a wonderful time Thursday and Friday! Just wished I would have known I was coming and brought a project and machine. Would have loved to stay longer too! Oh and by the way The Fabric Patch Retreat Center is awesome!! Beds are comfy and the quilts on all the beds are beautiful. Roger and I both loved the “quilted” Deer on the wall in our room. Great light in the sewing area and plenty of seating for friends to visit as well.

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