Water Tiles

Michelle brought this quilt to me..and it’s a HUGE one!

IMG_1831It’s our first time working together….but she did a great job. 🙂  She let me have free reign over how I wanted to quilt it. I just knew I had to take advantage of all those tiles. Seriously. It was fun putting different designs all over the quilt.

IMG_1832 IMG_1833There is a bit of everything from stipple, swirls, feathers, ferns,bubbles ect-ect. It’s just fun and lots of textures.

IMG_1834 IMG_1835See what I mean? Lovely…always something new to see where ever you look.

IMG_1836 IMG_1837This is the back:

IMG_1838It was a pleasure working with you Michelle! I hope you love your quilt.

Many blessings today!


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