Water Bargello and Angels….

This is the first time Shannon and I are working together…she sent the bargello for me and the Angels for the boys to quilt.

I think I have quilted a few bargellos similar to this..and I have to say I am always AMAZED to see how they come to life after they are quilted. Bargellos are so beautiful..I have made a few myself ..but gave them away….but there is something about them that just seem so lovely and serene..right? It doesn’t matter the color way ….or pattern they are eye candy.

So in order to emphasize the pattern created by the fabrics I wanted to separate the waves by quilting different designs. Swirls and waves….beautiful!

Thanks Shannon! I hope you are having a lovely vacation!

2 thoughts on “Water Bargello and Angels….

  1. This is one of those quilts that makes me wish I could crawl into, just to hang out in such beauty! Your quilting gives this quilt such energy, it was beautiful to begin with, now it is just amazing!

  2. This quilt is just awesome it speaks volumes…the boys are doing great job with thier quilting too…I started working some on a top and it is not perfect but it is a start…want to send it to you….I will let either of you quilt….when finish I will let you know..maybe put it in with moms things…thinking of you and your family often=) T

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