Quilting For Harmony

Harmony and I met through the Qb. We started with the scrappy trade….and we have just kept exchanging. 🙂

She is really talented at using every last scrap..I know a few of you 🙂 and I appreciate that talent cause I am the same way.  Before I had a quilting machine I would use everything…I love the whole process of making something beautiful from nothing.


Harmony sent some quilts back which I can’t wait to share with you…but alas…I don’t have time to quilt my own right now….so I can only show you the ones I quilted for her. 🙂

I love this first one….I don’t know the name of the block…but I love the blended look of all her fabric choices…good scrappy blended. I quilted all over Charisma curls.IMG_6104 IMG_6103 IMG_6102 IMG_6101IMG_6105


This next one I think is a patriotic theme..but I didn’t ask if it was a QOV. It could be. All those beautiful stars. The quilt looked very traditional to me…so I quilted baptist fans.IMG_6108IMG_6109IMG_6106 IMG_6107


The last one is a cowboy theme. That is a very popular theme around these here parts. So I recognize some of these fabrics. Barbed wires, lassos…ect. So I did custom quilting…but in the borders I quilted lassos and stars…to carry out the theme.IMG_6111 IMG_6112 IMG_6113


I love that she pieces all of her backs…I can never decide which backs I love the bast….Plain ones that show my quilting or reversible backs. I make both myself. 🙂


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