There were several years that we didn’t have TV. Yeah….I am not kidding.

Now I don’t know how I can live without it? Not really….well maybe.

I am in my studio several hours a day and I listen to TV a lot. I started thinking about all the shows I watch :

Breaking Amish ( the new one…didn’t see any of the others) I like to see the way other people live.

Sister Wives. I have been hooked on that since the beginning I have even read their book….anyone want to borrow it?

The haves and Have nots. It’s on own by Tyler Perry. I love all his movies….I actually started crying when Hannah sang a spiritual in the hospital room for Catherine Cryer. Yes I did.

Dancing with the stars when it’s in season

Biggest loser

The middle

Modern Family


Dr. Phil

Designing Women

The Golden Girls

Hot in Cleveland

The Exes

Who’s the Boss

On the Case

Where are they now? (oprah)

Basically all of Oprah’s shows on her network

Our America with Lisa ling

This is my record list. Insane right?

Here is the really sad part …usually all of my recordings are watched by Saturday night and there is nothing in my play list by Sunday morning. That’s a lot of TV. Then if I don’t feel like watching anything I watch my DVD’s I have a few that I watch over and over. P&P, Anne of Green Gables ( the series thanks to my friend Judy) and Sweet Home Alabama. …and a few others.

So this is clearly an addiction right? I mean it just helps me pass the time in my day. Some days I just turn on music. Others I just watch re-runs all day.

Should I add any shows to my list? recommendations? or are you all thinking I need to be admitted?






3 thoughts on “Television

  1. Happy birthday, Charisma! I love reading your blog, although I only found it recently. Love the quilt pictures and look forward to reading about you and your family and life.

    Joyce from WV

  2. WOW…we do not watch ANY of the same programs. Think it’s got anything to do with how well we get on??? Opposites attract?? Happy Birthday G/F!!!!! Love you TONS!!! Remember…Tuesday will be your gift certificate for a one hour massage. I’ll be seeing you about 4pm.

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