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I am Charisma. Yes, that is my real name. I am a wife, mother to six children, Christian, and I own my own long arm quilting business. Those are all of my titles in no certain order. I have been quilting for several years…..and decided to make it more than a hobby in August of 2010. I bought my first long arm, a 26 inch Innova, by August of 2011, I bought a second machine.  We now have a Third machine. A Gammill with a statler. A computerized quilting machine. I have quilted more than 7000 customer quilts and I have over 500 of my own. I have a range of work as you can see in my gallery. I am in for the adventure that comes with my life and this business. As some of you know through the process of following my blog,  I dropped out of college a few winters ago to pursue my LAQ business further. I am happy for the changes….I get more time with quilting, my family, God and all of you! all very important things for me.

I can now say that as of 2018 I am a pattern Designer. I have been published in several magazines and have an online store with several designs available. I am focusing on designs that speak to me. More advanced embroidery, Christian based designs and regular quilt patterns. I love to mix textures, design styles and everything in between. So you will be seeing more of me.

I am a proud owner of 4 dogs, Gracie our English Mastiff and Kalli our Black lab, Red our Dogue De Bordeaux, and Elvis, the Pomeranian. AKA King of pups.  A cat that is like no other cat.  So as you can see ->I am pretty busy and I don’t think I know how to slow down….which is ok…we only live once.. I better use as much energy and life as I possibly can….I love to make new friends…and maintain all the relationships I build in person or on the internet..I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to meet all of you. You have each brought something into my life…I know God has a hand in everything and I recognize those blessings! Thanks for joining me on my journey!

I also just want to add that I want this blog/site to be a place for inspiration. Inspiration comes in many forms. Yes, quilting is my job. I hope my quilting gives you inspiration in some way..of course. I also write very freely of my personal struggles and what is going on in my life. I have come a long way in my life…and I am trying to process this journey of life. I hope that it touches you in some way whether it be that you have already been through this stage..or you are going through what I am going through….or if you can’t relate that you just say a simple prayer…send me a good vibe or energy in whatever form you believe. If you ever need that from me..please contact me I am always available for that. The views expressed here are my own personal views……Charisma’s Corner. That doesn’t mean I am right or wrong. It’s just where I am in whatever process I am in. So I always welcome your thoughts in love. Much inspiration .Many blessings!

51 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks Charisma. I love it that you have this neat website. I really am sorry the QB changed our nice format to one so user “unfriendly”…. I check on it, but don’t spend time there like I once did. I miss seeing what you have done, so will be checking with you here. Thank you for letting me know. You are very special to me and I would hate to lose contact with you.
    I send greetings of love to you and your family and wish you a very happy Thanksgiving and home celebration. God bless you each and all. Much love, Roberta

    1. Hi Roberta,
      I am so glad you made your way here. What a blessing! I love hearing from you.
      I know I am a bit discouraged about the new board as well. It is heartbreaking actually. SO many of us loved it there. For whatever reason we needed changes?? I just needed to create my own happy place and not worry about the rug being ripped out from under me again. I hope you will stop by often. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

    2. I agree! I used to love the old board and looked at it daily. Now I’m lucky to get on it every couple of months. So I too am EXTREMELY glad to have this website. I’ve already told my husband that I will be shipping my heirloom quilts to Charisma to be quilted! 2012 is going to be a great year!!

  2. I am so happy to find your website thanks to Momto4 posting it on the QB. I was wondering why I had not seen your wonderful quilting on the QB. I have subscribed so I can follow your great work and success. So you plan to be at the Sewing Expo in Puyallup this spring? If so I plan to go just to meet you and your quilting partners in person. I love your website and your choice of music. Warm wishes to you and all of your family.
    Caroline S. aka Sweet Caroline

  3. Hi Charisma,
    I’m thrilled I found you! You laq’ed a top for me earlier this year – Blueberry Razzle Dazzle – fabulous, I might add. I always admired your posted work on the old QB – so sad to see it’s demise. I can’t figure out how the new QB is an improvement. Happily, something good has come out of it – your website. Have a blessed Thanksgiving – there is much to be thankful for .
    God Bless, Cheryl

    1. Hi Cheryl, Of course I remember you and Blueberry Razzle Dazzle, after all I named her.hehe. I am so glad you found me. Thanks for your support I really appreciate it.
      Many blessings

  4. Hi Charisma, you don’t know me but I feel like I know you! I started following you on the old QB but now that we have this “new and improved board” I am not on there much. I wish I understood the need for the new format. Oh well I guess enough people like it. Anyway, I enjoy your quilting and your blog. You are an amazing woman!! I have a long arm, but I have had a neck injury that keeps me from using it. One of these days I hope to get back on. I would love to do 1/2 the beautiful work that you do!! Darcey quilting in Alaska

  5. CC…. Hi
    I just gave you a new name CC..Creative Charisma. I love all your work and appreciate your enthusiasm and your love for God! You are an inspiration and a blessing!

      1. Wonderful story, reckoned we could combine a handful of unrelated inmaifotron, nonetheless genuinely worth taking a appear, whoa did a single discover about Mid East has got extra problerms also

  6. I want you to know that the main reason I would check out the QB formerly Paradise Quilts was to check out you new projects. You are the best LAQ and have such a lovely quiet demeanor. I look forward to seeing them again.

  7. Hi there from North Carolina, I wake up every morning to look at all the beautiful quilts on the board and alot of your quilting and it is beautiful. I bought a carefree quilter through a lady that is from West Virginia, but the machine came from Puduka Ky and it is not worth having and was 7000.oo and I probably havent quilted 10 quilts on it the tension will not stay adjusted and I cant find anyone to work on it here, but anyway I would so love to have a good machine so I could really learn to quilt like you and your boys would love to see some of their quilting, I have 3 grown boys but none of them will get interested in quilting. Have a good night and good to finally talk with you and find your websight.

    1. Hi Janice,
      I am so sorry about your machine..what was the brand name? I may be familiar with it…did the company go our of business? I had an issue like that too once. I bought a voyager. I sent it back….and I am so glad i did. My Innova is a dream after that nightmare.
      My boys…well they are doing all over stipple right now…I think they have lots of potential to grow in teh business for sure. I am thinking of buyinga computer program for them. I am computer challenged..but they could pick that up very easily…So we shall see what is in store for them this year.

      Thank you so much for stopping by….I appreciate that!

  8. I was so happy to find your website. I too have not been on the QB much since all the changes. But when I’m there I always look for your work. You have inspired me so much. You did 2 quilts for me in exchange for yo-yo’s last year. I hope to be at least 1/2 as good as you. I have a HQ18 Avante and just love it. Now I know where to find you, and I enjoy seeing your sons work too. Hope you and your family have a wonderful new year.

    1. Hi Jeri,
      I know ..I remember everyone I quilt for…LOL. I couldn’t forget you..all those yo-yo’s I am going to finish that project soon…soon!
      Plus you had AMAZING quilts! Honestly! That embroidered quilt had me in fear for a bit. LOL
      I hope you have a blessed new year as well!

  9. Charisma, I love your new site!!! YEAH for you!!! Thanks so much for the oh so sweet things you said about your children’s mittens. The pix on my cell phone of your little daughter (don’t know if I can mention her name) is so adorable! I am thrilled that Carl figured it out…woo hoo for him! The heart on the thumb is to remember that God loves you. I stitch that on each pair I make. So if your children are ever lonely or sad please let them know they are loved by God. That is just a little reminder.
    About the QB I too am bummed out by what happend but we are both well aware what “the rug being pulled out from under us” is all about and thankfully we can rest in Jesus that He is in control so we roll with the punches 🙂
    Thankful for being constant in Christ’s abiding love. May God continually bless you and your husband and children. Hugs & prayers, Tootsie
    P.S. by the way I checked out your recent quilting and again it is spectacular!

  10. Hi Charisma,
    I was so very happy to see that you now have your own website. I love and admire your work.

    Thank you for sharing with us.

    God Bless,

  11. Hi Charisma, I’m so glad I found your website. I would check out QB just to see what you were doing – the new format made it more difficult to find you. My friend and I are LAQ’rs and love your work. On our own projects we think, “WWCD?” ( “What Would Charisma Do?”) Then we usually end up doing pantos, because we are too chicken to try free motion. LOL! What you do enhances the quilt so beautifully. You are a truly talented artist. Thanks for being there and for sharing!

    1. Hi Ann,
      Thanks so much for finding me and leaving a comment. I am so flattered. It’s so funny because i repeated this to my boys..and they said well “They don’t know the real you”…”the real Charisma gets speeding tickets and doesn’t buckle her seat belts”…..oh Bother I am never going to live down that speeding ticket. I can’t wait until they get one so the heat is off.
      So there ya go the real me is a law breaker! Clearly they don’t understand that I can operate a quilting machine do they? no respect I tell ya!
      HEHE! Thanks so much. PLease share any FMQ that you do ..I would love to see how I inspire you! I will share it on my blog.
      Have a great weekend.

  12. Hi Charisma:
    Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I too miss the old way of the QB but if this is the good that came out of the actions of theirs then it is a blessing. Your work is amazing and always a thrill to see the latest. I am working on a wall hanging now for my newly remodeled living room/dining room. I have never hung anything on my wall that I have made. It seems to leave the house before that ever happens. I am so excited to ask you to quilt it for me. I want it to be somewhat of an eye catcher and you are the only LAQ I have seen that can do just that.
    I am so looking forward to your blog and all those associated with it. Your playlist is amazing. I feel as if I could put my name on it. It is so much of what I love too. Thanks for all you do to keep us motivated.


    1. HI Debbie,
      We finally got you all settled in and a follower..YAY! Thanks for hanging in and not giving up. I appreciate that. Thanks for all your compliments….but I am always inspired everybodies beautiful quilts..so I can’t take all the credit…we all work together. My Playlist…I love this music..I love all types of music..but I get a bit paranoid that my kids will hijack my playlist and put dirty songs on it for my blog..LOL. They have done that to me before and I have to be on the look out.hehe.
      Thank for joining..I am so happy to have everyone here on my journey!

  13. I, too, am glad to find you here. I truly admire your quilting and you give me so much inspiration. I totally enjoy reading your entries and see you are doing a fine job with your boys. I have two sons, now grown and married. There were a few rough spots but they turned out great. Yours will too I’m sure.

  14. You have a great website, I have enjoyed looking it over. I have half the kids that you do and I struggle with making it all work. Congrats to building such a great team and business!!

  15. So glad to find your website. Am a fairly new quilter and your work is just amazing to me.
    I live in Portland, OR and one day hope to get a quilt top up to you for completion. It will indeed be a special quilt for me to keep!
    God Bless you and your family, for living a life so full of talent and goodness!

  16. Gosh, I typed in a lovely comment to you but I mistyped the password that I needed to copy! Made a mistake, guess that is what happens to my quilts too, Maybe need new glasses!
    Anyway, I am from Portland, OR and hope to get one of my quilts finished by you one day. It will have to be a special one to me and so I will plan on keeping it. I read earlier on your mission, God Bless and have a lovely time.

  17. Charisma, I have followed you on the quilting board looking at every picture you post. I didn’t know that you had your own site. Now you are in my “favorites” and I’ll be checking in from time to time. I would love to own a long arm some day, but for now will have to settle for my old Juki & frame. I do hate that small quilting path using it. Absolutely love your work. You are one talented quilter! Debbie B

  18. I am so happy to have found you. I, too, have followed your posts on QB for such a long time. You have been an inspiration to me to further my interest in quilting. Thank you and God Bless. Merry Christmas.

  19. Hi Charisma! I’m so glad I found you. I used to look forward to seeing your wonderful quilts on the QB and then you were gone! I haven’t been on the site in quite a while due to illness and moving, but it just really isn’t the same since they changed. I’m signing up to follow you right now. Congrats on having your own site!


  20. Hi Charisma,
    I’m so glad I found your site. I very much enjoyed following your work on QB as did many others. I often found inspiration for my own quilting in your designs. I will be following you on your own site from now on. I wish you continued success with your quilting business and God’s blessing on you and your family.

  21. Hi Charisma!
    Been meaning to get on here for a few months since missing so much of your great work on the QB. I rarely go on there anymore and even stopped posting. So many reasons! Glad I found my way over here and can’t wait to read your archives. May God Bless You with continued success and strength. Looking forward to spending a lot of coffee time here drooling and praying with you.

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  23. Today I found your site, and I’m very pleased and thrilled to find a woman with your moral beliefs. That’s very refreshing in todays times. That being said I’m looking forward to perhaps learning a few things from you and possibly using your service. I own a Viking Topaz and I’m starting to get further into the quilting part. I have been sewing for about 40 years now and I have always loved every form of it. I am retired now and can really pour more of myself into my passion for this art. Nice to meet you. And by the way, what part of this lovely country/world do you call home. I am from the suburbs of Houston, Texas. Born, raised and enjoying it most of the time. May the Lord bless you in your journey to glorify him in this world which will assure your success in this lifetime.

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    1. Thank you a lot for giving everyone remarkably wonderful chance to check tips from this web site. It is usually so brilliant and as well , jam-packed with a lot of fun for me and my office mates to search your site at least three times weekly to find out the new secrets you will have. Of course, I’m also usually impressed with the mioib-nggldng opinions served by you. Some 4 facts in this article are in fact the most suitable I have had.

  24. Well I am a late duck. I just found your website and I am so glad I did. I have missed you on the QB.

  25. Hi, Charisma. I have been subscribed to your posts for a time, I suppose; but I just began getting notifications via email. So thrilled. I, too, don’t visit QB very often now and I wondered about your work. I’ll be sure to keep up now; and I’ll be sending some quilts your way soon, I hope! God bless you!

  26. Charisma your website is very cool! You did good! I love the way you write And your quilts are beautiful too. Best of luck to you!

  27. I would like to send you a picture of the Cross Quilt I made using your pattern. Can you send me your email address? This is now my most favorite quilt ever!!!!! Thanks, Cindy

  28. Guess I’m not up on what happened to you on QB but was disappointed when I didn’t see your projects there anymore. I havent explored all of your site yet but happy you have a new venue to show your projects and happy I found it.

  29. just read comments above and was wondering about QB. It just stopped coming one day and it took me a while before I noticed. I guess that’s where I saw your many quilts and enjoyed looking at each of them. I can’t seem to see a Gallery tab on your website. How can I access that so that I can refresh my memory about all those wonderful quilts and so I can see what you’re up to now.

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