These are two quilts sent by Aileen. She makes great quilts. Love her style and fabric choices. IMG_6063 IMG_6064


Ailleen trusted me to quilt them how I liked. Which means lots of textures..and fun little elements. IMG_6066 IMG_6067

Many times when I quilt I want it to be cohesive..so I might make one element a constant …then have lots of other elements to go with it. But Every now and again I would even change my constant just for some fun..in both quilts. I think it just makes for some added interest. Then I realized Aileen did the same thing. Every now and then a leaf would be upside down a turned a bit more than the others. I love that!IMG_6069IMG_6065

Thanks Aileen! It’s a pleasure working with you!

I know these will bless special people! IMG_6062 IMG_6061IMG_6068




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