Wall-hangings for Donna

Donna is a dear friend of mine. We call her the “quilt police”

She has supreme piecing and “Editing” skills two, to…or is that supposed to be too? 🙂

She can find the mistake in any pattern….on TV shows or in any thing she reads…also Sunday mornings during our service. Our Pastor is from New Jersey and says “yous guys” alot …or “seen” instead of “I saw”….She always has to correct him under her breath. LOL I notice it…but I think it’s charming. I appreciate those things….I think I am not a perfectionist or get hung up on little things. My husband will do that too. Find the one odd thing about something or someone and focus on it..?

Anyway Donna is an excellent teacher…and quilt instructor. When our LQS has a special tool or party to introduce new items…..Donna will sometimes demonstrate them. She usually sells out of her item because she is gifted that way. Sometimes she gets to keep the samples she is using to teach the tool. This attic Window wall-hanging was one of those. She was teaching this technique with a specific ruler. The panels of butterflies is batik…beautiful. I quilted the window frame to look like wood grain. I just outlined the butterflies. Donna doesn’t really like heavy quilting.   She uses her quilts to decorate her house…..so I like to visit and see some of my work hanging. 🙂IMG_6598 IMG_6599

She also has these two fall-themed hangings. SO cute!

A turkey ….IMG_6600


And a flower basket.IMG_6601


Thanks Donna! Love you!

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