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OK so I had been trying to work ahead and had my fabric fast stats post set to go last week ….and here we are-> it posted this morning and I have been neglecting my blog…for good and not good reasons. I have so many posts to make..and I would try to avoid posting any of my own quilts before I posted anyone else’s ->but I wrote about my Vintage Tinman quilt. So I guess I better share it since it’s accounted for. 🙂  Plus I am posting it for Annette to see..:)



It’s a scrappy trade quilt. Annette made it from my scraps. It is by far one of my FAVORITE quilts. I had pieced the backing for it and had it all ready for quilting….since it arrived. Which was several batches ago. It’s been a long time almost a year, I think. The problem is that I love it so much-> I couldn’t quilt it.  I would pull it out and think about it…..then put it back. I know…….I do this with my own quilts all of the time… me. I kept coming back to an all over swirl because it’s not distracting. It doesn’t take away from the Tinmen. There wasn’t going to be any easy transitions for custom quilting…..and I just didn’t think any of my custom quilting ideas were really going to add that much to them. The swirls get lost and you see the Tinmen. They really captivated me anyway and that’s why I wanted to keep it that way. 🙂

IMG_0693 IMG_0692


I love this quilt because it is so different from anything I have ever seen. I had never seen this pattern…after she made it for me I saw one in an old book….and she shared the pattern info “Fat Quarter Friendly” by Fon`s and Porter and the name of the quilt is \\Collective Conditioning”



I would have never thought of this idea…so this trade thing is so great for me because I get to benefit from other people’s thoughts, experiences and handiwork.  It also makes me think. I have to stretch myself and decide what will be best….and in this case I went with an all-over design. That isn’t a real stretch..but if you knew how much I had thought about quilting this quilt and all that I could do….it was a process to settle on an all over design.



I would have never thought of this idea or paired my scraps up with these guys and look how fabulous they are….Annette is such a genius! I am always amazed at what she comes up with and I get to benefit from her work! I am keeping this quilt. I use several quilts that she made every day….her work is displayed all over my house 🙂 I like that because she is such a great woman and my friend.

You know what else I love…which there is no way anyone could really know this while they are working on it…but so many of my favorite designers are represented in these tinmen. MoMo, Tula, Amy, Joel, Basic Grey, 3 sister, Robyn, …..ect. It’s funny how that worked out. 🙂

I used scraps for the back….and didn’t get a photo. The quilt is already with Beth the Binder.

Thanks Annette!

Thanks for looking everyone! I really appreciate it!

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