Vintage Tablecloths

Vintage Tablecloths…I lOVE=LOVE=LOVE these. Joni sent these to me with creative freedom. That is sometimes a double edge sword….because I never know how much is too much or what to choose ect. I know Joni doesn’t care much for I tend to stay away from those.

This first one is a Christmas theme and I really wanted to make a design from the center to the outer corner designs. So I made up that case type of design from the center to the outer flowers and gave them rays ( or stems) to bring it all together. I was pretty pleased with the design.

Look at that back!!

The next one is also Christmas Themed.

This one really stumped me….so I decided to cross hatch the center and just outline some of the cutouts. It turned out beautiful.

the back:

The third one is maybe my favorite:

I love the purple back ground, After Joni binds it you will only see the purple behind the cut outs. Just lovely.


Pretty much in love…..I just made up the design as I went along …..and it finished up so beautifully. I wanted to keep this one. 🙂

Thanks for trusting me Joni. You know I always love your work!

blessings my friend!

3 thoughts on “Vintage Tablecloths

  1. Wow!!! Who knew tablecloths could be so beautiful when quilted, Charisma! You made these tablecloths look spectacular!!

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