Vintage Star

Well some time ago…Like a couple years (maybe?) I saw Jeni’s Star made from vintage sheets. You can see that Here. 

It’s all over pinterest. IMG_6680

I decided I would like to make one. I needed some vintage sheets…..Vintage sheets are not easy to least around here. Jeni also has a great article explaining vintage sheets here .

So instead of searching around and trying to find vintage sheets..I just went to Jeni’s online Etsy shop and bought some. 🙂 Way easier. She washes them , cuts them and sells them affordably. No work… hunting. All ready to go. That’s more my pace. I did actually find a few at my church yard sale…so that is what I used for my back ground. I used an old sheet for backing as well…but not the same “era” if you will. I just liked it and used it. 🙂 IMG_6682 IMG_6683

It’s a simple pattern that can be put together in an afternoon. I quilted it simply as well. I was originally going to quilt it with an all over stipple…because I wanted it very simple……but I decided at the last minute to quilt the star with feathers. I even put a flower in the middle..with a  few swirls here and there.  I just used one layer of cotton batting. That way when I wash it it will get that vintage crinkly look…which is what I want for this quilt. It’s all about soft-comfort. IMG_6684

I love it. I am so glad that I made it…I bought the fat quarters over a year ago and it still took me awhile to make it. 🙂 I am really trying to mark things off my list and get all of these kits and projects bags finished…but I don’t know why….I just add more. 🙂IMG_6666 IMG_6667 IMG_6668 IMG_6669 IMG_6670 IMG_6671

I was trying to get some good lighting…having no luck ( the several pics above)…..then I went inside…saw the sun come out..LOL. So I grabbed the quilt..ran back out and got a few more shots. I had Bryce hold it up…can you see his shadow behind? IMG_6685

he loves being a quilt holder I am pretty sure….:)


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