Vintage Flowers

Carol sent this quilt. Her grandmother made it and it has been well loved & used for years. It’s beautiful. Its the best kind of quilt.


Carol spent all of the time ripping out the hand quilting because the quilt was so well loved it was coming apart….and in places it was pretty thread bare. Kind of fragile.

So she repaired it a bit….and sent it to me for Baptist fans.

She backed it with muslin and we also used a layer of muslin as a stabilizer underneath the top quilt as well. I stitched it down along the folded under edges of the quilt as I worked along to give it some extra strength.  I have done this with some of my own tablecloth/vintage quilts as well. It works out really well.


I used white thread and used my Loricles Template to quilt the fans. Such a traditional design.


Here is the backing:


Thanks Carol! You should be getting this anytime! Happy holidays!



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