Vintage Dresdens

Annette made this labor of love.



She found these dresdens…in a vintage quilt that was not in great shape. So she took the quilt apart salvaged the vintage dresdens and made a new quilt.

That is LOVE! The love of vintage. The love of quilting. The love of the seam ripper. ha!



I think it’s a beautiful quilt. I love the setting she chose…..and the retro pink color is a perfect setting choice. I am always enamored with Annette’s quilts. She does a beautiful job.

I quilted a spiral in every center, a tendril in each plate, Charisma Curls in the backgrounds, leaves in the sashing and  framed it all in with a feather. Beautiful finish!



The lighting isn’t all the great…but this will give you an idea. It’s  huge quilt too.


Here’s the back:

IMG_0153Thanks Annette! These will be shipped out today!



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