Vintage Doilies

Well last year Annette made this fabulous quilt using vintage doilies that she collected and I really loved her quilt…she said she would make one for me. She was under deadlines to get hers quilted…and she is such a fabulous person to work with..we have been trading for years and I have always been blessed to work with her.

So I sent her a line of fabric that I have been hoarding for several years….I love this line. I couldn’t just use it for any ole quilt.

So she had the doilies..I sent her some..but mine weren’t very good. 🙂

She comes up with the best designs.

Honestly, I was just WOWED!

Here are some pictures to show the quilting…the colors don’t show up correctly..but teh designs do

I quilted feathers, leaves, swirls, fans and flowers. I used 2 layers of batting to really make everything pop. I also used a metallic thread.

It’s going to hang in my house…I am truly blessed to work with Annette!

Here’s the back:

Thanks Annette! I love your work! One of your biggest fans!

Thanks for following along everyone!


2 thoughts on “Vintage Doilies

  1. Charisma – This is STUNNING!! Love your quilting on this one……………I met a woman here in VA who is trying to do a quilt using antique ladies handkerchiefs….some with crocheted edging…,…..and she wanted someone to quilt it………Far beyond my ability……Could I send her your info? Would you be willing to do it? She is appliquéing the hankies onto quilt blocks….or at least that was her plan……..

  2. Charisma This has to be the most beautiful quilt that I have ever seen. Not only is the quilting fabulous but the use of the crocheted doilies makes is so very special. I have lots of doilies that my Grandmother make and now I know what to do with them to make them even more special. Only hope that someday I can get them together and do something half and beautiful as yours. Maybe I would even be lucky enough to get you to quilt it for me.

    Again…..thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work with us dreamers and quilters!

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