Vicki’s Handwork

Vicki must work her hands at 55 miles per hour..LOL. she gets os many quilts churned out and they all include hand work. It’s amazing to me.
She loves embroidery and needle turn applique.

She sends me quilts regualarly …how she gets it all done is beyond me.

These are her latest…

Life Lessons …I don’t actually know the name of the pattern. It’s a Buggy Barn pattern. Teh buggy barn is about 90 minutes from me…so I have seen this quilt a few times in different color ways. The thread is variegated…I think its adds so much to the designs.I love the girls… because of the thread it looks like their hair is highlighted..they are pretty sassy aren’t they?

The second quilt is for V’s Great Neice….she is turning 13 and her favorite color is purple. So V picked out a very lavish purple and worked around that…creating anotehr masterpiece. She chose minkee to back both of these quilts so they would be Comfy & Cozy. Great choices…they show the quilting very well too!

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