Venus Update & Weekend Happenings

Venus is fixed! YAY! I am so excited. She is no longer whining and screaming. She is so quiet…running smooth again and I am hoping they finally fixed her persistent issue. It was iffy…as to when they would be able to get her fixed…so I was praying it all worked out and they could fix her while the tech was here..but he didn’t come with the part …but it all got worked out and she was fixed sooner rather than later. Otherwise she would still be out of commission.

So before the tech left town I stayed up late on Friday night quilting…I wanted to do several types of quilts and use several types of threads so I could test her on all types of issues. 🙂 Then I got up early to do that again before he left. 🙂

Then I had some grocery shopping to do on Saturday…..Then Rob, Clarissa and I went to lunch. She was the only one home. I had the last installment of the Long Arm quilting series. It was a lot of fun….we finished our sampler quilts. So I spent the time quilt planning. The gals in the class brought quilt tops that had them stumped….so I coudl give them ideas on how to quilt them. I love quilt planning! I always have WAY more ideas than time. Then I came home to quilt. I am always behind a bit….and with Venus being down ….I was even more so.  However, I did manage to work on a few of my own projects, While she was down.  One of them is this: IMG_6585     I actually started quilting this last year at a show. I ran out of quilts and had to put something on my frame. So I bought this Anna Maria Horner print…cause I adore it! and started quilting. well I only had a quarter of it finished when I took it off the frame to head home. Then I came home had such a huge work load….and then left for Haiti..adn came home to Christmas quilts and activities.

So the whole time it sat waiting for me to decide what to do. I thought I could just finish quilting it all the way and make a small quilt….but I wasn’t real excited about that idea because it didn’t have borders or  anything special about it other than the fabric. I had been wanting new pillows for my couch and I thought that would be great. SO I quilted enough to make some new pillows. Then I took it off the frame…and went to my LQS and bought some colored denim to put on the back. I didn’t want to quilt another piece for the back because then I would get really bulky seams. But I did want something heavier weight so it would be hearty. That was perfect. So I have just been taking small scraps of batting and filling it. It’s taken me 4 months to get enough scraps. LOL   I am only putting the small un-useable scraps in there. Plus I like them very full so they don’t get flat. I bought some from Wal-Mart last year and those things are no longer puffy. I have to decide if I am going to maybe rip out stitches those and add more stuffing. Or just make a few more of my own.


I posted them on Fb and my friend Donna gave me some stuffing for my second one…but that still wasn’t enough…..but I am about 3/4 of the way there…so at least I may be able to have the second one done a lot sooner. 🙂

I like the way the first one looks on my couch. YAY!

Sunday was a great day. The first half was very good….I just worked on a few things around the house. Quilting, reading, cooking & cleaning. Then I had visitors. Nick came by so Rob could help him fix his car. It didn’t turn out good….the parts he got were not right …it was disappointing.  Rob was called into work twice…but then was able to go home. Processing is over (we think) so Rob may get a few more days off which is nice.

My visitors were family. Family I have not connected with in a long time. My brother and Sister being in trouble have brought about good things despite the fact that they have bad behaviors.  I think we are having full-circle moments. God has orchestrated many things and I am pretty sure it’s all for the good. 🙂 We shared a nice visit. Clarissa oddly wouldn’t leave my side. She is so curious about my family because she doesn’t know anyone. She was so young the last time she saw anyone (other than Brother Nathan) that she  kept asking questions and talking her head off…when she doesn’t usually do that. So it was kind of funny. Carl isn’t social at all anyway…so I expected he wouldn’t be around much. Aspbergers. The 3 Horton boys had arrived from their visit with their dad at the same time my visitors arrived….they spent the weekend in Seattle having fun. So they were tired and a bit cranky.  So I stayed clear of them…I could tell they were not being social. They must have been worn out from having to behave all weekend. LOL So it was Clarissa and I…visiting. We shared a nice meal and they brought us the BEST home-made Jam. Huckleberry Banana. Yes…I said it. You taste all the huckleberry …then you get the banana aftertaste. We happen to love both of those fruits around here…so guess what they all ate on their toast this morning? I am gonna have to hide a few jars just because they will go through a jar a day and I won’t get any.

After they left I quilted a bit, sewed a bit and organized the studio a bit more. I have been thinking a lot. About Roots. Family. Full-circleness.

I hope you all have a great Monday. I have plenty of pics to post. But I will have to catch up later.

Many blessings





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